Friday, June 10, 2011

Next Move, Next Read

So I didn't get my condo - what's next for me? I am actually pretty excited to totally change the look of this tiny apartment I am in. You can check out the previous look on the right - I have sold most of those items or put some faves in storage. I just don't have room for the amazing wicker dining chairs and lots of my accessories and tabletop items, so those are safely boxed away. I will take some pics of the things I have now - the place looks like a storage unit! And in a few months we will have a new reveal of a completely different apartment look. I think the key when you have 600 square feet or less is to have much fewer things, but for each piece to be amazing and beautiful. I am going for a super serene, luxurious look - almost everything is cream or white. You were with me when I found my huge sofa, mirrored credenza, and Beni Ourain rug, so it has been quite a design journey!

Next on my reading list are these amazing design books - I never buy new ones, as the slightly used versions on Amazon are half price and you can't even tell they have been read! So excited to be inspired... Have a great weekend!


Tracy said...

I,too, was recently disappointed by a real estate deal that fell through. I was going to purchase a gutted townhome through Road Home near the lake for a meager $25K! It is located next door to my best friend in the world. But, I figure there is a reason for everything. I am going to stay in my home and redecorate as well. :)

Elizabeth said...

Tracy - it is heartbreaking, isn't it? This place was going to be only about $25k as well, but the closing costs are more than I have saved right now. I too, believe that God has big plans for me and I am going to make this apt shine right now...send pics of your redecoration!

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading and heard the news. I'm so sorry lovebug :( But with that being said, you are so going to create an envy-inducing space and I'm itching to see it! Please share progress photos. Have a design filled weekend Lizzie!

erika @ small shop said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear this, but really looking forward to seeing your new inspirational space. I know you're going to blow all of our socks off!

Please do give us sneak peeks??

Have a wonderful weekend!

Boo Hazard said...

Wow, I just looked up the Domestic Art book and it's pricey!! But it definitely is on my wish list!! Thanks for the book ideas! BTW Kelly Hoppen's Style book is a great resource. I actually read and learn things from that book - oh and there are pretty pictures! - BOO

Elizabeth said...

Boo - I totally have all her books and in fact the "Modern Minimalist" project in my portfolio was inspired by her apartment!