Wednesday, April 24, 2013

coming along...

You know we are working on my mom's house - taking it from dark and cluttered to modern spare farmhouse. Very inspired by Darryl Carter's white rustic modern interiors. My mom's house has great beams and wide plank floors, and now we have finished painting the interior white, so all of her collections stand out like art in a gallery. Still have lots to go (living room and dining room finished by summer, hopefully), but we are very happy with the entry and the little sitting area in the kitchen. Will keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great gifts - Hable Construction

I have been trying to find/buy a throw blanket that is made by Hable Construction for Hickory Chair and it is like the search for the Holy Grail. Impossible. Ugh.

If anyone knows where/how much this blanket is, please tell me!

Meanwhile, I was looking at Hable Construction's website and came across all these great gifts! I will forgive them for the lack of the throw blanket if they send me all these items for free... ;) Kidding. They have lots of different prints and fun gift items - check 'em out...

Dartboards in various prints
How pretty are these marble playing cards?
Skateboard deck - cute on wall or for girl skater

Friday, April 19, 2013

On Ebay now...

So I am selling my two rugs, gang. Have decided to go all jute in my small space, but these Moroccan beauties are unique and super hot right now. I have the pink/coral/charcoal graphic print one, and the all cream Beni Ourain. They are both solid wool and are antiques - so expect vintage condition. The cream one has been professionally washed, and they both have the fringe only on one side, which helps authenticate them as made by hand (that is the way the Moroccan rugs come...) I have them on Ebay now, the pink one is HERE and the cream shag is HERE. Check 'em out!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Latest Zara

I do almost all my clothes shopping at Zara and Target. I really do find things that look just like the expensive stuff that is out there; the key is to shop the other places and get a firm idea of what you want to add to your wardrobe FIRST, then shop the less expensive places and look for specific items.  I swear to you Zara and Target has the same stuff for about half the price. And with Zara, you try it on and return for FREE - so easy. Here are my latest Zara adds to my

The perfect beach bag

Relaxed boyfriend jeans for running around

Shoes to change your life. For $50 BUCKS...

Great swimsuit coverup for when sun goes down

Adorable tiger tank!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

need help...

Sorry to be so MIA but I am trying to get my reup projects squared away. I decided to redo the Eames lounge in a pale greige leather that is almost the same color as the sofa I redid from Ebay, and I repainted the purple dining table white. I got the chunky jute I was discussing with you all, and so everything is shaping up to have a very modern Italian greige and white vibe. I love this because I am in a small space, and I think the monochromatic scheme makes it look larger and more expensive. Now to the dining chairs. These puppies (Milo Baughman style chrome also scored on Ebay):

were going to be either slipcovered in white sunbrella or simply reupholstered in pale greige linen or white. I was inspired by these spaces, obviously:

I could also use the metallic linen that I did not use on the Eames lounge, but I don't want to be glam - I am really over my 70's glam phase and moving on to simple and spare. But I can't get these pics with their pop of yellow out of my head!

Of course these are large, open spaces and I will never have that. I also always regret when I do something colorful (i.e. the purple table that lasted one day), and I think maybe I should leave the color fun to my design work and keep my own space clean and white. What do you all think?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

reup reup reup

You know I can't live with anything the way it is for very long....I have really loved having a printed fabric on my Eames lounge chair and ottoman:

But now I have a jute rug and a fixation with all things solid and neutral. I think I am inspired by this pic to put a metallic silver linen on it. What do you guys think? Either that or a white nubby sunbrella - like towel material...

Saturday, April 6, 2013


As if I wasn't stalking Christiane Lemieux' loft home enough, now I have to love her Hamptons house, too??? Thanks a mil, green eyed monster...