Thursday, February 28, 2013

logo help

You guys know I am revamping my entire professional life this year...need help with logo making! Here are three I made that I like. Of course I can space out the lines differently, change sizes and colors, etc.. but this post I just need help with the font...which font do you like best?  I like them in order from the top down (I think!), but I have been staring at them so long and this is such detail work I can't even see the difference anymore. Please help!

PS - as discussed in the comments section, here are the E's embracing...

Here is another one with all straight lines - might be too harsh. Now I am just getting carried away and can't stop making logos....

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

before and after

Oh, how I love a good before and miracle lacquer guy (who just finished my dining table!) came to the rescue again on this coffee table. My client has so many awesome vintage things from her mother, but this table was not in the best shape. The lines and bronze plates on it were really special, though, so I convinced her that a pale blue gray lacquer was the way to go!

So excited about how it came out! Of course there will be clear glass inserts set down in the top. I am almost ready to photograph this part of the project and I can't wait for you to see - I am obsessed with the bright colors and the vintage chinoiserie style!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can't pass up a deal?

I think a lot of women have a problem with sales. If we see a sale or a good deal on something, many times we will buy it, even if we do not need it in that moment. I am definitely that way with design stuff. I already owned a small peacock mirror a couple of years ago, inspired by these pics:

Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange

Cat Deely
As happens many times in my life, I did not even photograph it or use it in my space for long before I sold it. I do this constantly. Then I saw a HUGE peacock mirror yesterday for a price that I just couldn't pass up. Even if it doesn't fit in with what I am doing right now, sometimes a deal like that makes you a little crazy. I called and texted a client to tell her it was perfect for her and have thought endlessly about how I can make it work for myself... I am so nutty. Do you ever see a deal that you just can't pass up?

My find - about five feet tall!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

improving yourself is $$$

Did I talk about New Year's resolutions this year yet? I don't think I did, and I didn't make what I consider to be resolutions, but I do feel like the years are flying by, and I do have goals each year. This year I sort of set for professional development. Professional development is expensive, by the way!

I have two careers/passions/skills in life. One is the Interior Design work that I do. I have a degree in Interior Design, I have been working as a designer for about six years, and working as a buyer and showroom manager for about eight (including Takashimaya in NY). This year I would like to get a professional portrait made for my website (I absolutely hate pictures of myself), and also update my website. I would like to photograph some projects that I have had lingering for a while, and basically get a logo and pricing sheet done - just spruce up my design profile.

The other thing in my life is Spanish. I lived in Mexico for almost seven years, I have a bachelors and a masters degree in Spanish, and I would really love to use my language skills in a job. I would like to teach or translate or SOMETHING using my degrees, but it is so hard to become a teacher when you can't stop working for six weeks to assist in a classroom, or take on more student loans with another degree in education. This year I am getting certified online to teach ESL, and also just doing my own research on teaching, via books and the internet. I took the basic skills exam for teaching already, and will take the Praxis exam for Spanish at the end of March. Hopefully one day a school will take a chance on me and I can get the experience needed to get certified professionally.

Are you doing any professional development this year? Do you have any advice for me in my development? I hope everyone keeps learning and growing throughout the year and throughout life.

Sorry this post is so wordy - here are some pretty pics that are inspiring me this week. Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

what the what?!?! (at Target)

Target is killing it, people. Current items you should run out and buy right now:
Blu Dot lounge chair - available online

Safavieh lamps - so classic
Prabal Gurung lace up heels - in stores only

Three Hands ottoman - also in yellow

Threshold yarn wrapped animals - four in the series
a great, simple bedside table
I already own and love the shoes - I have ordered the chair above and will let you know if it is sturdy and good quality! Do you have some fave items at Target right now I should know about?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the wow factor

Whew! I am exhausted. Back from San Diego last night and the streets were still being cleaned from Mardi Gras madness. I had an awesome time in SD with my best friends and playing with my goddaughter Maddie. (only regret is we were too crazed to meet up with Sabra :(

We made lots of progress on Mad's room, even though we only did a few things, they were the biggest. First, her wall of closets do not have doors - they have been completely open. I had custom drapes made in chartreuse and we got those up - changes the entire feel from messy storage room to cozy bedroom...

Then we spent an entire day on the alphabet wall. It is so important, I think, for every room to have one standout focal point. In the nursery of course it was the custom bookshelf wall. In this room we decided to do an entire wall of alphabet letters framed and matted in different color mats. We had NO IDEA what we were getting into. I had Elizabeth buy the frames and mats before I got there. I helped her choose the colors over video chat. But then we had about 11 steps to go with putting the frames together, attaching the hanging mechanism on the back of each frame, choosing the color mat for each letter and putting them in the frame, plotting out the grid on the wall and hanging 26 frames so they are all the same space apart. I highly discourage you from this project if you see these pics and think it is an easy day of DIY.  hahahaha

But we love how it came out - immediately the room felt warm and fun and we all wanted to hang out in there all night!

So this chair (in the last pic), will be lime diamond print and the headboard will be the Chiang Mai...

We also put in the lacquer side table and installed a gorgeous lucite sconce - by WE I mean her hubby - thanks Matt! We still have several things to go, but I really cannot wait to finish this room and get some great pics with that alphabet wall in the background. I am truly proud of how it came out. Once we finish this room, we can finally move to the front of the house - we have been wanting to work on the entry for about three years!

We bought this brutalist chandelier several years ago on Ebay and finally got it up this weekend...

And here is the board for the entry - we have the brass chandelier up, and she already has a piano up there, the console is in, the sconces are bought and the ottoman is being recovered soon...

A personal confession: being an interior designer can be frustrating in many ways, just like any career. This type of job makes it all worth it. Working on the house of people I love is so much fun. I want them to have a home that is comfortable and as beautiful as they are. I want them to think of me when they see the things we worked on. I want them to live a long, fabulous life there and make the best memories surrounded by things that give them pleasure and make them feel happy.

What do you guys think about our alphabet wall? I hope you like it, because it is never coming down! haha

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Balentimes

I don't think I have ever had a memorable romantic Valentine's date, but my mom used to surprise me with a treat every year - still does sometimes. Show EVERYONE you love how much you mean it this year!

My bloggie pal Elyse over at Peonies and Brass posted this ridiculously cute video of kids talking love...check it out! And if you have a kid between the ages of three and ten, maybe video them answering these questions - I think you will cherish the video and the answers forever...

Happy Balentimes Day! (the way kids say it... :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

maddie's big girl room

Well I am off this weekend to San Diego. While there we will start work on Maddie's big girl room, finally! This young lady was in the Sweet and Sour Nursery until her little sis was born. Now Olivia is in the nursery and Maddie needs a room that can grow with her. You all know I am the worst at mood boards, but here is one so you can kind of feel what we are doing...the entire room is super pale aqua...

I think every room needs a super "wow" - in the nursery it was the complete wall of bookshelves, which has been the most popular and blogged about thing I have ever done! In this room it will be a wall of alphabet letters, that we are doing in all different color mats. The twin bed will be in Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon, which my bestie and I have always wanted to use, and the chair will be the La Fiorentina in lime green. This weekend all the closet drapes (which are solid lime green) will go up and we will do the wall of alphabet letters. The chandelier and side table and sconce should be in place as well.

We will finish up in the next few months and maybe I can photograph it in late summer. I will take pics of the alphabet wall when it is up!