Wednesday, February 20, 2013

improving yourself is $$$

Did I talk about New Year's resolutions this year yet? I don't think I did, and I didn't make what I consider to be resolutions, but I do feel like the years are flying by, and I do have goals each year. This year I sort of set for professional development. Professional development is expensive, by the way!

I have two careers/passions/skills in life. One is the Interior Design work that I do. I have a degree in Interior Design, I have been working as a designer for about six years, and working as a buyer and showroom manager for about eight (including Takashimaya in NY). This year I would like to get a professional portrait made for my website (I absolutely hate pictures of myself), and also update my website. I would like to photograph some projects that I have had lingering for a while, and basically get a logo and pricing sheet done - just spruce up my design profile.

The other thing in my life is Spanish. I lived in Mexico for almost seven years, I have a bachelors and a masters degree in Spanish, and I would really love to use my language skills in a job. I would like to teach or translate or SOMETHING using my degrees, but it is so hard to become a teacher when you can't stop working for six weeks to assist in a classroom, or take on more student loans with another degree in education. This year I am getting certified online to teach ESL, and also just doing my own research on teaching, via books and the internet. I took the basic skills exam for teaching already, and will take the Praxis exam for Spanish at the end of March. Hopefully one day a school will take a chance on me and I can get the experience needed to get certified professionally.

Are you doing any professional development this year? Do you have any advice for me in my development? I hope everyone keeps learning and growing throughout the year and throughout life.

Sorry this post is so wordy - here are some pretty pics that are inspiring me this week. Happy Wednesday!


Heather Peterson said...

I wonder if you could translate design books into Spanish?

This year is totally about upping the professionalism and committing to this career. With some similar bits and pieces like photographing projects and, oh, building my portfolio!


Elizabeth said...

Great idea, Heather - I guess I should have said I want to interpret or teach - I don't care for literary boring and lonely! But that is a great idea to mix my two loves...Good luck with your professional stuff!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I think investing in a professional portrait is a lovely idea! I knew you lived in Mexico for some time therefore must be bilingual, but I never realized the extensive education you also have in Spanish! Very impressed! Would be fantastic for you to pursue that passion as well. I look forward to hearing what opportunities arise for you!