Thursday, May 30, 2013

project progress

Lack of posting makes E a very dull girl, I know...but I am getting a lot done on various projects. My mom's house, which if you remember was a dark, cluttered mess of antiques and collections:

 ...has really transformed! The living room is super awkward because it has open walls on two sides and the tv is in an odd spot. We have painted the entire house white, totally changed the entry with a custom light fixture and bench cushion, and modernized the kitchen seating area. I thought the long, straight sofa above was too bulky in the living room so I got her a round coffee table and two curving sofas. A circular seating group has made all the difference!

Now we are working on art, side tables, etc, but we have come so far in just three months - I am so proud of my mother. She was once obsessed with antiques and all her collections - and she still insists that almost everything be hand made by her artist and craftsmen friends - but now she loves modern, spare design and we have had so much fun together working on her house. I will cherish this time forever.

My awesome client who I did this living room design for: now ready to work on her master bedroom. It is a smallish room with a gorgeous, moody gray on all walls and trim. Of course she has some gorgeous deco pieces from her family - including a chinese deco rug and burl chest. I took over a ton of fabrics to make roman shades - they look so different with the light shining through them - you really can't see all the bold colors.

But that is what I am dealing with right now. Will definitely keep you posted... Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

logo love

Hi, gang - I know I rarely post anymore - what is wrong with me??? Well, I am a busy bee! I am trying to only post about current projects that I have made progress on, instead of constantly adding to the design blogworld with yet another post on a magazine article, etc... This past week I have been designing a long distance client's living room - hopefully we are close to final decisions and shopping time! I also got a huge peacock mirror for my bestie, but can't photograph it until the seller makes a repair. Stay tuned!

I also finalized my logo:

And made tons of changes to my website - please go check it out - I am especially proud of the wallpaper hallway pics I got with my client's gorgeous girls running down it:

I truly love children in photographs of interiors - they bring so much joy to them. But I am very careful not to show their faces in my own publicity material. I took lots of portraits showing their faces for their mom to have.

I have lots of things in the works, so I hope to have more pics for you soon!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hallway to Heaven...

I seem to be on a hallway kick lately. Along with my mother's hallway (in the last post), this weekend I had some progress on two client's hallways. One has an amazing art collection and this huge Deco credenza, and the hallway is painted a super dark blue lacquer...

We had these two old chairs rebuilt and her turquoise monogram put on lemon yellow seats - added the huge mirror, and hung some is looking like a chic gallery in there...

The other client has the longest, tallest hallway I have ever seen running down the center of her house! It looked like a hospital ward before. We chose this fun wallpaper, the West Elm lights and dhurrie rugs, and the moldings two years ago! She has literally had the wallpaper in a closet for two years. This weekend it finally went up and we are so thrilled we keep saying we are on a "wallpaper high"!

 It will look even more amazing when we hang some photos and a mirror on it. It is like walking through a happy garden! Totally inspires her little girls! What do you think?