Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Maddie!

Sweet Madeleine is turning one! Inspired by her Sweet and Sour Nursery and the candy tables of Amy Atlas, her mom is throwing her a candy-colored birthday party in San Diego.

Inspiration candy table by Amy Atlas

Huge balloons are a must!

Almost everything you need for a fantastic event, candy tables included, can be found at Sweet Lulu. They have the sweetest plates and straws and napkins, and 36" balloons in solids and polka dots. You can use their cupcake kit to make your own fabulous cupcakes (I recommend the cookie-filled ones below), or you can have them delivered anywhere in the San Diego area from Cupcake Love. Etsy is filled with fabulous Happy Birthday banners, pennants, and other homemade decorations like pinwheels. I like these aqua and red ones from A to Zebra Celebrations. I think for a first birthday you should keep it short and sweet, so just serve small bites, like the ones I posted for game day from Kevin and Amanda. This link will take you straight to their chocolate chip cookie cups with baby blue icing! A cute touch would be to serve chocolate and strawberry milk with the cupcakes...

Holy moly there are a lot of links in this post! I suggest you get preggers right away so you can throw this party!

Choco-Cookie cupcakes from Chocolate and Toast

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

putting out fires

Have you ever felt like all you did was put out fires created by other people? I return to work from two days off and it is like insanity erupted over here. Sometimes it seems like other people refuse to do their jobs correctly just to cause trouble for me. I am stressed and exhausted.

Oh, and there was a marsh fire this past weekend that has sent a haze of smoke over the entire city. People are advised not to go outside and it is difficult to breathe.
So, professional and literal fires today. Gross. Hope yours is getting off on a better foot...
this is a real time photo of New Orleans today - sucks ass

Saturday, August 27, 2011

saturday spaces

Here are a few of the spaces I have been looking at this week...happy weekend, friends!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Either / or

The amazeballs Erin over at Design Crisis posted her dining room with two different rugs. I know she searched on Ebay forever for the red Turkish darling and has just installed it recently, but I am kinda obsessed with the monochromatic beige one at the top. Which do you prefer?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slumber party at Erika's

I am guest posting over at Erika's blog today while she is out celebrating her Bday!! Since I just had mine last weekend I decided to name my post "Bday in Nola" with a few tips on what to wear, eat, drink and do if you get a chance to celebrate a bday in the Big Easy.
Come over and see me at Small Shop Studio!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hollywood Nursery

After having my bestie in town this past weekend with baby Maddie (my Sweet and Sour Nursery project recipient), I have nurseries on the brain again. I have always wanted to do a nursery around this Sharon Montrose baby tiger photograph. This one is a little more Hollywood Regency than I would do for myself, but isn't it graphic and cool?
If you don't like the dark vintage chandelier, you could always change it out for this white disc one by Vistosi (below), and add an inlaid mirror. This look could be great on any background, but I especially love it with pale gray or blue walls... What do you think?

Mansard Rug by Jonathan Adler, Chair by Woodsen and Rummerfield, Hicks Hexagon fabric for big ottoman, vintage chandelier, Uptown Crib and Changer by Nursery Works, Sharon Montrose baby tiger photo, simple white curtains with greek key trim

Inlaid mirror through Wisteria

Vintage Vistosi disc chandelier through 1st Dibs
Montrose baby zebra could be adorable, too!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot Lips

Ok - so the possibility of depression has passed. I went out for dinner with three girlfriends Saturday night at 8:30 pm and got home at 7 am! I think the amazing night was all due to my hot pink lips! The key to this look is keeping everything else bare and neutral. I wore a bronzed face and only mascara on eyes, nude dress and shoes, and ironed straight shiny hair so it was all about the lip. My fave for hot pink is YSL Rouge Pur - and make sure to blot after applying so it is super matte!
Will be guest posting on my bestie Erika's blog later in the week with more bday tips!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bday weekend - Stuck

My 35th birthday is this weekend and I wish I felt more like this:

But honestly I have been feeling like this:

And not because of the age. My mom says that 35 was her favorite year, and I think that it is the best age to be. I am comfortable with myself, I feel like I have had a ton of experiences and education and don't make the stupid choices that I did in my twenties, and I have the confidence that only comes with true maturity. I am grateful for the things that I have accomplished in the last five years - I moved back to New Orleans from NYC and took on a small business (furniture and lighting showroom), which I have been running by myself for several years. I have gotten three degrees in that time, started my own interior design business, blog, and website, and done several projects that I am proud of.
But now I am starting to feel stuck. Because of my work situation I am unable to travel like I used to, and one of the unfortunate parts of the job is sitting in a building alone five days a week (with much to do on my days off). I am so exhausted by the work of running a business that I only want to veg out on the sofa at night. Since my bestie moved to California I do not go out or do anything social anymore. I gained weight over the last two years and after a couple of disastrous dating debacles took a hiatus from men. I think because of the economy and/or obligation to others a lot of us stay in situations that are not the best for us, like I have the last two years. I want my life to be exciting and fun, and not just drift on from day to day.
I am taking off the next few days to figure some things out. 35 is going to be my best year ever - with a new city or career, I hope. I am taking the LSAT Oct 1st with plans to start law school at night next year as well. I am going to get in the best shape of my life and I am going to visit people who are important to me in Mexico, NYC, and California. I am taking this bday as my New Year's - resolutions included.
See you next week, friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

are you ready for some football (snacks)?!

Oh, don't get me wrong, I love the Saints. There is nothing on Earth more exciting than watching your team (who has played under a black cloud known as the Saints Curse forever) finally win the Superbowl. How cute was Drew Brees with his baby boy?
But I am a morbidly obese woman trapped in a normal sized body, and I love snacks more than football. Let me introduce you to your new best friends, Kevin and Amanda. If you want to make everybody happy on game day, you will get your butt over to their website, click on recipes, and start making any of these. Just drool for a second over the following pictures.
So hungry right now...

Mini Cheeseburger Flatbreads

Crispy Cheesy Southwestern Wantons

Mini Lasagna Cups
Orgasm on a Plate (just kidding, it is officially called Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar or something)
Recipe for this baby HERE.

Friday, August 12, 2011

La Decollette

So I thought I would share something about my boobs today. This post has nothing to do with interior design; it has to do with bra design. I sleep in the fetal position. I squash and press my face into the pillow and squeeze my breasts together. No matter how many ways I try to force myself to stay on my back and not do this, I always wake up in this position. It is making the skin on my chest crepey, with vertical lines. I have tried sleeping with a cushion in between them but it always becomes dislodged and at 35 (next week!), I do not want to have a wrinkly cleavage.
This new bra is taking Europe by storm. You wear it at night and it keeps your breasts separated. You can put on a super thick moisturizing cream to add benefits. Of course I am single and sleep alone, so no embarrassment. With shipping to US I paid $90 bucks for this beauty, so I will let you know how it all works. Am I crazy to worry about the little things? Do any of you experience this same issue? So excited to try this thing out!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Urban Outfitters apartment

In my most blogged about project, the nursery I did for my bestie, the first thing people always ask about are the bookshelves. The second is the ottoman in front of the rocker. It was from Urban Outfitters! Many people don't know that there is a lot of furniture on UO's website that can only be bought online - it is not sold in stores. I always look there when I need an inexpensive, but funky piece. Here are my current faves:

The zig zag chair is so cute! I would gold leaf the legs or paint them out black. There is also a print shop on their online store with tons of great prints for amazing prices to help you create that art wall. What are your go-to online stores?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

otomi moment

When I lived in Mexico, the indigenous Otomi indian women would walk around from door to door selling their hand-stitched fabrics out of baskets they carried on their heads.

No one wanted them then and you could buy them for a steal. Now they have become all the rage and the last time I was in Mexico they were being sold in fancy boutiques for many hundreds of dollars. You can also get them online at Jacaranda Home.  I love the way people use the colorful ones for kids rooms, bedspreads, headboards, etc.. But I have never seen anyone use a white stitching on natural background for upholstery (the white on natural is also rare). I think it would be so sophisticated and a great way to respect the heritage while making it glamorous and sexy. Can you think of a new way to use Otomi fabric?