Friday, August 5, 2011

Etsy faves

I love me some Etsy. I have shopped with lots of sellers there, but in this post I am going to share with you the ones that I go back to again and again....

Pie in a Jar - Don't mind if I do....
Really, I think that pic of pie in a jar is enough. They have other stuff too. But honestly. Pie in a jar.

Letterpress invitations, cards, etc.
I love these business cards. Invited Ink has anything you might need in letterpress. So gorg!

Just bought this!
Babette has really smoky, dark, cool jewelry. Sometimes it is antique brass or black leather, and it all looks very unique, like you pulled it out of an old vintage store. A great way to create a personal style!

beads and mirrors and sparkles, oh my!
This lovely young lady in India has become the leading seller of pillow covers on Etsy. Everything is hand beaded and I got my white mirrored pillows from her. They look just as good as the $450 John Robshaw ones and they were only $30 bucks! Give her some time, cuz they are coming from INDIA, people. They are great.

Now I know you all have some amazing recommendations on Etsy! Send 'em in! I have some weekend shopping to do...


Lonely Wife Project said...

dudes that necklace and pie will be on and in my body soon!

Erika [small shop] said...

Ooh ooh ooh! I'm going to check out the pillow and letterpress links now!