Friday, December 7, 2012

Brunch and Bubbles

Hi, gang! May not be posting much in these weeks as we go into Christmas, as I still have a ton to do to get ready for it. I do have an exciting event happening in January, though. If you happen to be in the New Orleans area January 19th, I would love for you to join me at Brunch and Bubbles!

The event is happening at New Orleans Auction Galleries on Julia Street. It is hosted by Gambit, so you can go to for more info... The whole point is to get people more aware of/interested in auctions. Many people still think that auctions only have stuffy old (read: expensive) antiques, and that is just not the case! Six designers, including myself, are going to make different arrangements out of the furniture so everyone can see how they could use the pieces in their own homes. You don't have to participate in the auction, you could just come by for the nibbles, champagne and inspiration!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

shop til you drop

Just got home from Thanksgiving and already trying to nail down Christmas gifts. The To and From Guide is out - great inspiration if you have no idea what to buy. Check out Erika's page for the fashionable can simply click on any item to go straight to the page and buy it.

I don't want to add to all the gift guides out there because I could get crazy carried away. But since those guides are all "stuff", I want to tell you about two gifts that I love to give that are a little different.

My brother in law does not want any more things and we always end up giving him the same old workout shirts and golf balls. He is constantly eating ice cream, so last year I sent him a few pints of Jeni's ice cream.
It was a huge hit and I am doing it again this year! They deliver by the 21st of December. My sis said they pulled out a different flavor every night and ate it together after the kids went to bed. What a great gift for someone who doesn't want another item cluttering up their house....
Now, I am already doing a ton of stuff in my sis' house, so she doesn't get anything else from me, but if I didn't already have gifts for her, I would get her a membership to Massage Envy. Check and see if you have one in your area. They have gift cards and memberships and massages for members are always cheaper than for walk ins. It is so much less expensive than a spa. What a luxury, to get a massage or two a month! They even have hot stone massage and facials. I would love to get this as a gift!

Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was the bomb and that you are going into the holidays excited and happy.
If you have an awesome gift idea that is outside the box, I would love to hear it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Turkey Week

Hey gang - I am flying out in the morning to join my family at Calloway Gardens in Georgia. I have heard it is really beautiful and I will post lots of pics upon my return. Meanwhile, I am madly pinning today! Join me on Pinterest...
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...

Friday, November 16, 2012

next ebay project

I should just call Fridays "Ebay Fridays" because I have a new Ebay project almost every week! Since the amazeballs tree root/zinc dining table did not happen (thanks for nothing, Jess ;), I decided to do a lacquered French Provincial table like these beauties:

I think this is just a shiny wood finish, but looks like black lacquer
I snagged this French extension table for *wait for it* $150 buckeroos on extends to 96".

 I have a totally amazing lacquer guy here who can spray anything or create any finish on a wood table. I think black may be the most classic and versatile, since it is going with the chrome chairs I showed last week...what do you think? He can do any color - maybe a super deep eggplant/purple that looks almost black. Suggestions?

Happy weekend love muffins!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Inspired by the hit of red in some of my fave rooms:

I think this red bed could really be spectacular in the right space. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

humpity hump

Yesterday after work I went shopping with a friend at a very expensive store. She was buying; I was hanging out. She took so long I started trying on furs...

All I could afford was this scarf. But I still really couldn't afford it so I left with nothing :(

Then I remembered my mother's old mink from the 70's that I had the arms cut off of...

I will have to find different ways to style it to see if I can use it. It is white so if someone throws red paint at me I am screwed... Why do girls like clothes so much? Are we trying to BE different or just exploring different sides of our personalities? These questions about what we wear and surround ourselves with are the reasons why I was so drawn to the Heidi Lender photos I posted on the other day. HERE is a great interview with her - check it out...

And join me on Pinterest if you haven't already! Today I pinned 30 pics - twenty were fashion and ten were gooey food items - that's where my head is at today! xoxoxox

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

random tuesday

Well, the tall boots we discussed last week did not work out people - but these cuties (and cheapies!) from Old Navy did...

They are super comfy. Also got my converse sneaks in, so I am ready for the holidays and playing with my niece and nephew. We are going to Calloway Gardens in Georgia!

Here are some rooms I am loving this week...hope you are having a good one!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

convinced for converse

A few weekends ago when I was in Birmingham pushing my niece on her swing and I was wearing heels I realized that I need a cool pair of closed toe shoes that are not boots. I refuse to wear my running shoes any  time other than running (let's face it, I walk briskly and call it "running"), and I still want to look funky and cute on my time off. Enter Converse sneakers. They are so adorable with your jeans rolled up just a little bit. Now, all I have to do is decide on a neutral or the classic white...

Love this color: Atmosphere


Love these twill ones

But I think I have to go with classic white...

Friday, November 9, 2012

art i love: heidi lender

I am super lucky to count an art gallery owner as one of my besties...I absolutely love modern art, and Guthrie Contemporary has what I consider to be the best and freshest contemporary art in New Orleans. I have long admired Susan Dory, one of Leslie's artists who has actually become a friend - and one day Susan is going to do a piece just for me! (I am saving my pennies for that one)

But this post is about her newest photographer - Heidi Lender. Heidi has been featured in many magazines and blogs for series "Once Upon". Also called "Who Am I?", because Heidi takes photos of herself in different interiors and outfits but obscures her face. I find them fascinating and beautiful, because we can all find our style or personality in one of the settings. How cool is it that we can know so much about a person from what they choose to wear and surround themselves with? The only constant in Heidi's photographs is her furry companion - her adorable dog.

My faves:

Might have to get this one - my father grew up in a trailer in rural Mississippi

 And the one I am now the proud owner of!!!!! :

This one echoes the modern minimalist dreaminess of my bedroom and my design style

 Check out her entire series and let me know which one speaks to you...Happy weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

under the big top

My best friend had a Circus themed birthday party for her daughter a few weeks ago. She spent weeks painting signs for the carnival games and making banners, pennants, and gift boxes. She got all her inspiration from Oh Sugar Events and I think she did such an amazing job that I asked if I could blog some pics of the paper goods and fave is the ticket table, where the kids picked up their carnival tickets and a clown nose. Happy Birthday, Maddie!
Aunt E

She painted the clown and all signs for the games by hand!

Cutest clown in town: Madeleine

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i don't know if I can do it...

Guys, when the Pretty Woman over the knee boot craze started a few seasons ago, I said I would NEVER do it...I just can't get those images out of my head (Julia Roberts using a marker to cover the scuffs in her boots and unzipping one to pull a condom out), and I still do not like them with dresses. But over jeans I am starting to like them - Apparently I am easily swayed, especially by my style icon, Emmanuelle Alt.

But I am going to tone them down a bit ( I live in the Bible Belt, people) by trying flat boots. These from Zara:

I am nervous for some reason. Will let you know how it goes...