Tuesday, November 27, 2012

shop til you drop

Just got home from Thanksgiving and already trying to nail down Christmas gifts. The To and From Guide is out - great inspiration if you have no idea what to buy. Check out Erika's page for the fashionable woman...you can simply click on any item to go straight to the page and buy it.

I don't want to add to all the gift guides out there because I could get crazy carried away. But since those guides are all "stuff", I want to tell you about two gifts that I love to give that are a little different.

My brother in law does not want any more things and we always end up giving him the same old workout shirts and golf balls. He is constantly eating ice cream, so last year I sent him a few pints of Jeni's ice cream.
It was a huge hit and I am doing it again this year! They deliver by the 21st of December. My sis said they pulled out a different flavor every night and ate it together after the kids went to bed. What a great gift for someone who doesn't want another item cluttering up their house....
Now, I am already doing a ton of stuff in my sis' house, so she doesn't get anything else from me, but if I didn't already have gifts for her, I would get her a membership to Massage Envy. Check and see if you have one in your area. They have gift cards and memberships and massages for members are always cheaper than for walk ins. It is so much less expensive than a spa. What a luxury, to get a massage or two a month! They even have hot stone massage and facials. I would love to get this as a gift!

Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was the bomb and that you are going into the holidays excited and happy.
If you have an awesome gift idea that is outside the box, I would love to hear it!


Jessica {The Aestate} said...

Love your gift ideas. I'm kind of on the same train, I'd rather get someone something they could experience and enjoy rather than more things.

xo Jessica

Studio One Design said...

Do these qualify as ‘out of the box’?

01 – Advance tickets to opening day for a favorite baseball team

02 – For the beer lover – a case of imported beer from ‘around the world’ – includes beer from Thailand, China, Japan, France, Germany, etc. – can be found online

03 – Tickets for a concert for the following Spring or Summer – something to anticipate for a few months! And if you are sending Mom to see an ‘oldies’ rock n’roll performance, send her in a limo – let her have front door drop-off and pick-up! She’ll feel so COOL…

04 – Gift certificate to have one’s auto ‘detailed’ – especially nice to redeem at the end of a messy winter season – the flowers begin to bloom and your ride looks like a million bucks!

05 – For the fashionista – check out her favorite designer – have they gone public? If so, buy her stock in the designer’s business – even just a few shares – and let her watch its performance

06 – Also for the fashionista – if they like designers who have been in the business for many years – check out eBay and buy her something VINTAGE from the designer – what a prize!

07 – For the difficult to buy for – gift card for the movie theatre – with enough money on it to pay your mortgage payment – translation: enough money to also purchase drinks and popcorn after you have cleared the main lobby

Merry Christmas!


Nice :)


Erika [small shop] said...

These are great ideas E! I think I might give my grandpa the ice cream if they deliver to Hawaii!
And I'm a member of Massage Envy, I have the best masseuse I've ever had. It's such a deal.