Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Upswing

So the disappointment of the day is over! My friend Betsy who runs Shaun Smith Home (one block down) commented on my last post that she had a cool huge hexagon brass lamp in for a steal and I ran right down and bought it! So excited. May put a black or brass shade on it. While there this lacquer table/desk caught my eye. So crazy special and different, makes me think of Tamara Mellon's apartment or Kelly Wearstler! Gorg! Makes me wish I did not already have my huge lucite desk...
Somebody give Betsy a call and buy this thing immediately- maybe if you become one of the gang you can call her Boo like I do. ;) And check out her fab blog, Bywater Boo - all about her home reno..
Later taters!

Oh well

A disappointing Thursday: I sent the photos of my lamps to my metal plating guy and he said that they were in much too poor a condition to polish or have plated. He suggested I not get them, so I backed out of the lamp purchase. I still love the idea of shiny brass lamps, though, so I will remain on the lookout for some!
In the meantime, you guys were with me for the purchase of the green monster sofa, so I am sending it off on Monday for reupholstery! Can't wait to show you the finished product.
Here are some pale, glamorous interiors to inspire you - hope you are having a great week...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ebay Score!

Well, I told you I had an amazing find in the works and here it is - my latest score on Ebay. These Curtis Jere brass table lamps!

I am so happy right now! They are signed and dated by Curtis Jere on the bottom. They were made in 1976 (the year I was born - I am a bicentennial baby), and they are so glam and shiny and sexy! They will replace the cream plaster bedside lamps I have currently. I am so into 70's glam, and I have never seen a pair of these for less than 4k! This pair on 1st Dibzies (below) is offered for 8k!

Now, my pair is not in perfect condition - I will re-plate them as I can afford it. But I have never shied away from restoring beautiful things, and these are collector's items that will continue to go up in value. So happy on this hump day! Have you made a great online score lately?

before or after

I actually don't know which color came first, but I like them both. I think the white looks fresher in the summer and the dark looks like a cozy library in the fall. Which do you prefer?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Non- Buyer's remorse

You know how some people have buyer's remorse immediately after purchasing something? They get caught up in the heat of the moment, the excitement of the auction perhaps, and then slap their forehead and think, "What did I DO?!"
Well, I am like that with things I DON'T purchase, or don't win in auctions. You know I am the Ebay queen, and often find delicious goodies on there that others don't recognize as valuable and wonderful, and sometimes I just don't have the money to buy it at that moment. Sometimes there are other sharks out there who recognize it's worth as well, and outbid me. I always regret it when I don't push my $ envelope a little bit to make the big score.
This happened recently when a young lady in upstate Louisiana had one of these Sciolari chandeliers.

Tides South Beach - Kelly Wearstler
 She had no idea who the designer was (Sciolari), or what the value of the chandelier was ($2k - $4k in that size). She was offering it for $80 bucks! Unfortunately I only had about $300 to play with that day and someone swooped in during the last 5 seconds to push it over $500. There were several of us who noticed that she had no idea what she had in her garage.
I sure do wish I had won that chandelier. But anyhoo, I am also the queen of finding cheaper knockoffs. This Vertigo chandelier comes in three different sizes and two colors. However, nothing beats the original and I hate the way the spirals are connected.

I have a very exciting find in the works right now and hope to be able to share it at the end of the week. Stay tuned! And if you want me to find you a knockoff of anything - send me a comment or email. It is sort of my hobby!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Give me some comments! (or compliments)

I have been so frustrated lately on other people's blogs when I try to leave a comment and it just disappears. I go back later to see the blogger's response, and my comment never shows up at all! Then I heard from two friends that the same thing happens to them on my blog - so embarrassing! I always want to hear what everyone has to say and I get so happy when I get a comment - to think I have been missing out on them bums me out. :(  I just found out from Gorgeous Shiny Things how to fix the problem, so now you should all be able to comment all over my page every five minutes.
I'm waiting....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Interior Designs, Inc

This is a personal design blog so I never talk about where I work, but most of you know I run a furniture showroom. I have been managing Interior Designs, Inc. on Magazine Street for almost five years. It is the only furniture in the city, other than Jon Vaccari, that I love. We do custom pieces from R & Y Augousti, Lee Industries upholstery, Longstreet photography, Made Goods Mirrors, petrified wood stumps from Java, just to name a few. The owner lives in North Carolina and only comes in to town once every few months so it really is just me all by my lonesome (with Smokey Joe, the store cat). Today I thought I would show you a few pics of my store...I am open on Saturdays, so while the rest of you are off for the weekend, I will be right here...mostly shopping but partly working...these photos do not do it justice - every piece is really a work of art!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Designer I love: Jean-Louis Deniot

It's more than obvious that I am obsessed with French design. Herve Van der Straeten, R & Y Augousti, Pierre Yovanovitch, and now Jean-Louis Deniot. I love every single thing he does but I want you to focus on the lighting in these pics. Doesn't get any better than that.

Slap some paint on it!

One of my blogging besties Erika asked for a close-up of my bedside tables so here they are. I have purchased about half my stuff through my own design showroom and the other half is stuff I find on Ebay or Craigslist and change up. I got these bedside tables on Ebay and they were yellow and covered in tons of varnish. I loved the size of them and the brass handles and base. It definitely needed loads of elbow grease, so I had some local guys clean up the brass, strip the old varnish, and re-lacquer in white. I love them!

Then I have a client who desperately needs this bamboo cabinet. I would have the same guys who did my lacquer job paint it out white for her dining room...

Basically, my motto in life is "slap some paint on it". As long as it has great lines anything looks gorgeous painted white.
Till tomorrow, dumplings!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a difference a weekend makes!

Those of you who know me know that I often toss everything I own and start fresh when I move. Well, I have decided to do that but NOT move. So we will get to experience the "tiny apartment" two different ways. This weekend I painted the bedroom and hung curtains. My painter ditched me so I did it all by myself! Argh... Here is the before:

 And here is the between - sold shelving, faux moroccan rug, art and pouf. Added lacquered bedside tables, lamps, and rumpled new bedding (sorry for not cleaning for pics!)....

And here is the after - painted walls a soft cream, hung cream linen drapes, added Beni Ourain Moroccan rug and Christian Chaize beach photo over bed.

Once again, sorry for not cleaning up or making bed for pics, but I just wanted to give you a taste of what is happening. I think the beach photo, cream plaster lamps and purple John Robshaw throw are making this room a little too beachy for me, but I will live with it for a while. I have another idea for more sophisticated art, more glam lamps, and a hanging pendant or chandelier. I will also order a stingray covered chest from R & Y Augousti, but that takes six months to come in.
Stay tuned for changes to the living room - and let me know what you think so far!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Butterflies are free

Did you ever see that movie with Goldie Hawn? So cute. Anyhoo, I was in Jon Vaccari this morning and saw this antique glass dome with a butterfly collection inside and have been researching it online for the last three hours. My extremely expensive taste dictates that I only like these antique French versions, which range in price from $2400-$4600. Figures.
But I think this would be a great project for a crafty person. You could collect all the separate vintage elements and put it together. The operative word there is "you". I am too lazy and thus will be saving my pennies to get the real thing one day. *sigh*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I mint to do that...

There are only a few things I know for sure: that I will always live beyond my means to have beautiful things, that I look much better as a blond, that I don't get along well with people who say things like "lighting is jewelry for the home", and that I hate the color MINT.
And then I saw these rooms and my thought processes changed. I realized that the background I chose for my website and blog is basically mint (although I prefer to call it celadon). So what am I supposed to do with this new knowledge? It's a whole new world of possibilities, people.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where should I go?

So running a small business alone has a lot of downfalls, including the fact that I never get to travel because I am the only one here and I have to be open! I only close once a year, during Mardi Gras, because the streets are impassable and the city is basically one big party. So I have a six day window in February to travel and I am already planning my next escape. Where should I go?

I have many blogging pals to drop in on in Australia, it will be summer in February, I have never been there and I love the design going on in Australia right now. However, the flight alone will eat up two days of travel time and I don't have a close friend in the area to go and do things with.

Buenos Aires

I have always wanted to visit Buenos Aires, I love the architecture and interior design aesthetic, I think the shopping will be well priced, I speak the language, and the nightlife will be spectacular. However, it could be slightly dangerous for a girl alone and I don't know anyone locally.

Florence, Italy
I have already been to Florence and it is one of my fave cities in the world (along with Bangkok). I am loving the modern design mixed with old world architecture, and could happily spend four days just sitting in a cafe and walking the streets. I would love to shop and visit museums and could probably have a hot romance if I wanted, since I love Italian men and Italian men love me. hahaha Only downside is the travel time and once again, I don't know anyone locally and have already been there.

I have longed to visit Istanbul for a very long time. One of my all time fave design firms (Autoban) is located there, and Antony Todd opened a store there last year. It has amazing sights (like the Hagia Sofia) and shopping. I also have a friend who is a local and could show me around and possibly I could stay for free. Only downside here is the travel time and cost of flight is pretty expensive...

I just saw Midnight in Paris (great movie!) and it reminded me of how much I love this city. I have already been there, and don't really want to revisit places I have already been until I go to the others, but I am greatly influenced by Parisian designers and there are many I would love to visit in person. Also, Paris is a great city to see alone (or with a lover) so I could wander the flea markets for hours. However, I don't have a local friend and I have already been.

Mexico City
Mexico City is probably my vote. It is the closest, so the flying won't eat into my travel time too much. I lived in Mexico for years so I am very comfortable there, and am fluent in Spanish. I love the big city and all the museums and shops and restaurants. There are some really awesome modern hotels that are very inexpensive, and I have a friend locally who could travel with me! Can't really think of a downside to this one, except it is not as exotic or exciting as the others.

So what do you think? Where should my next trip be? Since I didn't get my condo I have some money to burn and I love to travel by myself and be adventurous. Help me decide!