Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ebay Score!

Well, I told you I had an amazing find in the works and here it is - my latest score on Ebay. These Curtis Jere brass table lamps!

I am so happy right now! They are signed and dated by Curtis Jere on the bottom. They were made in 1976 (the year I was born - I am a bicentennial baby), and they are so glam and shiny and sexy! They will replace the cream plaster bedside lamps I have currently. I am so into 70's glam, and I have never seen a pair of these for less than 4k! This pair on 1st Dibzies (below) is offered for 8k!

Now, my pair is not in perfect condition - I will re-plate them as I can afford it. But I have never shied away from restoring beautiful things, and these are collector's items that will continue to go up in value. So happy on this hump day! Have you made a great online score lately?


erika @ small shop said... are beautiful!!! You totally scored!!! Please please please post pics immediately when you get them placed.

I'm going to have dreams about these.

Lonely Wife Project said...

oh. my. god. do you even understand how amazing these are? of course you do. that's why we're besties!

Elizabeth said...

uh, yeah I do - which is why I basically send myself to debtor's prison over stuff like this! No eating out for the whole month of July! hahaha

Tracy said...

Fabulous. I love them. So jealous.

Amanda Hill said...

THOSE ARE FANTASTIC! I want to see pic of them up! Great find doll :)

Boo Hazard said...

oh i love those!! so you didnt get them afterall? the plating looks like its in good shape from the pics?? We have a brass octagon shaped base lamp in the shop now that shaun majorly scored - you'll need to come see it! Too bad we can't take "lunch breaks" and go to eachothers shops!! - BOO

Elizabeth said...

Boo - I am about to close this damn shop and come see you. :)