Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh well

A disappointing Thursday: I sent the photos of my lamps to my metal plating guy and he said that they were in much too poor a condition to polish or have plated. He suggested I not get them, so I backed out of the lamp purchase. I still love the idea of shiny brass lamps, though, so I will remain on the lookout for some!
In the meantime, you guys were with me for the purchase of the green monster sofa, so I am sending it off on Monday for reupholstery! Can't wait to show you the finished product.
Here are some pale, glamorous interiors to inspire you - hope you are having a great week...


erika @ small shop said...

Still recovering from the disappointment. ;o(

Elizabeth said...

I know - it is sad but I get to put the $ elsewhere this month and everytime I research a new purchase I learn so much. I have an idea on how to do my own brass lamps - so stay tuned..

Lonely Wife Project said...

How do you back out of an ebay purchase? I thought you were stuck once your bid was accepted. I'm anxiously anticipating the reveal of your couch!