Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thanks for the mention!

Haven't been feeling too inspired this week, guys. Maybe it is the heat here in New Orleans, but all I want to do these days is lie under a fan and read (currently blowing through The Hunger Games series). Speaking of reading, thanks for the post on book walls for children, Shelter Blog! The library wall in the nursery I did has always been the most popular and blogged about space... Maddy is really loving it as well! Thanks to my blogging bestie Sabra for pointing it out to me.
Have a great weekend, peeps!


Anonymous said...

That wall is obviously a work of genius! So do you recommend Hunger Games? Finishing up Bossypants and need new reading material asap.

Elizabeth said...

I do - the first one is the best in the trilogy, but I always love to read books before the movies come out...lots of violence but I really enjoyed them!