Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrity Home: Courtney Cox

Of course the new Elle Decor is all about Courtney Cox' house. Her designer was Trip Haenisch, but of course she is another one of these actors who says they are basically a decorator and want to do it themselves with just a "sounding board" to bounce ideas off of. I love Courtney (an Alabama girl) and I love her show. And make no mistake, I love, love, love the house - it is exactly my style. But I am so tired of looking at homes that are gorgeous architecturally, with just three or four modern upholstered chairs tossed in the room and a simple gray and white scheme. I am doing that already in my tiny, cheap-ass apartment. I only want to look at a celebrity home because it is aspirational, unattainable, and super duper creative. Am I being bitchy?
Oh, well. It's that time of the friggin' month.


Mary said...

Um. . . I like the the purple throw on the sofa??. . . That's all I got!

Anonymous said...

I have this design tour in my current blog drafts for tomorrow. We're soul sistahhhs! I may have to change it up. Or I may be your copy cat.

Tamra of walkswithBella said...

outdoor pool with that view. Die. what is that room second from the top?

Elizabeth said...

I assume the kitchen with rustic barstools. Seems kinds small for the 10 million dollar dreamhome, right?

erika @ small shop said...

Ha! Love it. My husband and I always have this conversation because of course, he believes interior "decoration" should come second to the architecture. Snob.

But I agree with you, kinda boring. Blah. Love your tiny apt. loads more.

Oh and I'm the only one I know that likes Cougartown! Yay for us!