Monday, March 8, 2010

ART - It's What You Make Of It

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while..not too much going on with the apartment. While I have not been able to get furniture ordered because of a lack of funds, I decided to focus on art, because I can make it myself.

I know not everyone has had the art classes that I have had, but I am by NO MEANS an artist. I took a few classes when I was younger and then of course in the Interior Design program I had drawing and color classes. I know how to mix colors and to draw straight lines, basically. The rest is all trial and error!

What I DO know for certain, though, is what I like. There are artists that I love and sincerely hope to be able to afford one day. In the meantime, I can emulate some that I like. I encourage everyone to do a piece of art for themselves. It will have special meaning for you and you will feel great everytime someone asks where you got it.

For this apartment I have done two pieces of art. The first is a large canvas for over the sofa. I wanted it to be super modern and geometric because the sofa has classic lines and will be in a blue linen, which is a little more traditional. The other work I did was a set of 9 Rorschach blots. I did them in a saffron yellow, which is my favorite color and a perfect complement to the blues of the living room. I will frame them in floating glass clip frames, which is a very modern look. They inspire conversation (What do you see?) and they are very abstract and modern.

Plus, my friend Leslie (who owns an art gallery) sees potential for selling them! So it looks like my own frugality (having to create my own art) may have opened the door to additional income. Yay!

So my suggestion for this week is : Get out there and get creative. Step outside your own idea of what you CAN and CAN'T do and just make something you love - you never know where it may lead.