Friday, December 13, 2013

fantasy vs. reality

You guys, I was dreaming of being able to get a really large gift for MYSELF this year. Like this dream light fixture:

Or this amazeballs holographic painting by James Minden. He shows at Guthrie Contemporary in New Orleans and I am obsessed! His work is etched in resin and changes depending on the light and where you are standing when you are looking at it:

Sadly enough, reality smacks me in the face. I need to get my brakes fixed and I also just found out I have to have my wisdom teeth out! Ugh. I hope you are all having a fantastic winter - I am heading home for the holidays next week and can't wait!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

exciting news

You guys, I have some exciting news! I got a dreamy job in a furniture showroom here in San Diego. It is called Sofa Designers on Miramar Road. I will be creating custom upholstery for people and also going to homes as an Interior Designer to help clients create their perfect pieces. I am so thrilled to be back in my comfort zone with design, since this is exactly what I was doing in New Orleans for the past seven years. I also cannot be more excited about the wonderful people I will be working with - they are the best! I thought it might take up to six months to get a design job in SD, and it took four - the perfect Christmas present for me!

In other design news, I had this amazing stump and zinc table custom made for a New Orleans client, and it is on its way to her as we speak:

This table is really large so I cannot wait to see it in person when I am in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. I will also be shopping for a funky bohemian mirror for my San Diego client. When we started she already had the sofa, chair and pillows, and didn't like any of it.

We have added a stone and wood coffee table, white cowhide, fig tree, white side table and green glass lamp, and beautiful abstract painting.

It is already a million times warmer, but we need a huge mirror, colorful pillows, a floor pouf and throw blanket for more impact. They spent good money on the sectional and chair and unfortunately it is all just the same color as the walls, so we have to create some texture and interest.

I hope you are all having an amazing holiday season. I am looking forward to lots more design work and blog posts in the New Year as I begin working here in San Diego. Have a great week!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

got to get now

When looking at interiors, it is often the photographer who makes all the difference. The exact same space may not inspire you in person, but when seen through the photographer's lens suddenly it is moody, airy, solemn or joyful. Undoubtedly the most famous interiors photographer in the world is Francois Halard. I am obsessed with every space he photographs, and it is probably because of his eye. This book would make a great gift this Christmas for anyone who appreciates art, interiors, photography, or just plain old pretty books. Happy shopping!

Pop Art for nurseries

It is getting harder and harder to find cute art for nurseries. How great are these posters from Sweden's Modern Museum of Art? I love the lion and tiger together, or the King and Queen together. Adorable, and about $50 each!

Monday, November 11, 2013

dress for success

I love to wear dresses to work. I live in leather pants in the fall, and jeans in the summer, but I dream of having a job where I can wear edgy, creative dresses every day. Here are the two I am craving right now. Don't they say - "Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have"?

DVF wool boucle with leather trim - in my fave color!

Tibi jersey and leather dress

Sunday, November 3, 2013

coat obsessed

Do you ever find yourself drawn to completely irrational things over and over again? In interior design for me it is tabletop items. I have never hosted a dinner party in my life, and I have several sets of plates, napkins, and utensils. I just love imagining the beautiful table all set with interesting pieces - though they are rarely used.

In fashion I am obsessed with coats. I have lived in Mexico steps from the beach, in the swamp heat of Louisiana, and now I am in sunny San Diego, and I cannot stop obsessing over coats. I have always loved them and I have several gorgeous ones. What I do not have is a puffer coat. I like the longer length and intense black hue of this Zara one.

What do you obsess over?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

art to try

You guys know I like to create the art in my design projects. Here are some of the works I have done:

yellow inkblots - just paper and india ink
Geometric painting - easy with painter's tape!
I did these Natasha Law inspired paintings on paper - hers are on aluminum
I did this by scraping the paint on with a plastic spoon
Next I need to do something for my bedroom. Here are a few paintings that are inspiring me - this one in the J Crew offices is so simple. I think instead of "Mirror" mine would say "Wake Up" since it would be the first thing I would see in the morning!

Or how about this colorful one from Kelly Wearstler's office? I think something similar could be created with crepe paper strips and decoupage glue.

I have always loved these black paintings with white dripped over. Seems like it would be pretty simple (and fun!) to recreate...

JoAnn's Crafts is having a 50% off sale on canvases right now - so get inspired and go create some art!

Friday, October 25, 2013

which do you like?

Just like everyone, I tend to overthink the large purchases. So forgive this tenth or so post on my bed, please! My mentor Marjorie Shushan has a furniture line that she created that includes a gorgeous bed. It is my dream:

This picture absolutely does not do it justice - in person it is stunning and cozy and probably close to $20k. I definitely want to recreate this bed, and I have found the narrow stripe I want to use one day - Kiera Stripe by Lee Jofa:

And here is a very similar frame:

But this bed feels permanent to me, like it will be my bed for many years. Before I do my forever bed, I would like to do a bolder statement bed, that really pops in a photograph and is special and custom for the cottage. I can always reupholster the frame in a few years.

So for the bold bed - which do you prefer? La Fiorentina has been my favorite fabric since this pic on the cover of Domino:

I have used it in many colorways in different projects, but never the pink. I could put it on this bed:

But the cottage is all neutral colors and I am seriously obsessed with the falling cubes pattern in this tile:

Wouldn't a bold graphic like that look awesome on a simple bed like this:

So you see the conundrum I am in - no matter what I do I am looking at a couple grand - so it better be awesome! Which do you prefer?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

awesome from around the web

Even though I am not posting as much as I used to, I am still reading all my regular blogs. I am still thinking about these things from around the web:

Obsessed with this cork ice bucket from Furbish Studio
Stylish alkies need a flask bangle - I love this and don't even drink that much!
Of all the celebrity engagement rings I love Hallie Berry's the best!

And finally, everyone is talking about Kelly Wearstler's collaboration with Paperless Post. I love all the invites and stationary, but this is my fave:
Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

the hand-crafted home

My mom and I have been working on a coffee table book that will feature interiors using handmade craft. This can be quite modern, since craft can be anything handmade, from a painting to a chandelier. My mother was the director of the Mississippi Craftsmen's Guild for years, so she has tons of talented artists and craftsmen at her disposal. I would like to photograph my dining room for the book, and I want to have a dining table custom made for the hand-crafted element.

Right now, I love everything except my table. I have a vintage mirrored credenza, hexagon brass table lamp, gorgeous (huge) photograph triptych of a dogwood branch, the polyhedral light fixture from Worlds Away and the vintage Milo Baughman chairs I recovered in a black zig zag chenille.

The room is super tiny and actually does not support a large table. The front door hits it when I open it all the way and you cannot see the credenza at all. I really need a round but I want to do something more interesting than that. This table has always been in my inspiration files, and I am hoping that something similar can be done in only a 48" size. It will probably have to be bigger to get a hexagon shape. I also want it to be black cerused oak so you can see the strong grain like this:

What do you guys think? I think it could be amazing!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my favorite room

I will admit that I have had a rough couple of weeks. Adjusting to a new city or situation can be tough, as many of you know. My mother is the best at words of wisdom. She says, "Go sit in the sunshine and breathe." So that is exactly what I am going to do today.

Another thing that always brings me peace is making my home look cozy and welcoming. Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers or adding the perfect touch to a room. My favorite room in the cottage is the downstairs den. It was meant to be a second bedroom, but it is tiny, so I made it a tv lounge and I spend most of my time there working on the computer (doing this post!) or watching tv. It just barely fit my sectional and it has a ledge for my tv and art, and my favorite portrait of my grandfather watches over everything. I just changed out the builder grade glass bathroom fixture they had installed to this cool little star flushmount fixture, so I finally feel like the room is "finished"....  I am laughing as I type, because is any room ever finished to a designer?

I hope you all have a favorite spot in your home where you can curl up and think about your life, your goals, and to reflect on everything you have. I am so lucky to have my family, my friends, this beautiful cottage and gorgeous weather. Now to the beach! Have a great week, friends...

Monday, October 14, 2013

details that wow

The beauty is in the details. I just changed out one of the light fixtures in my cottage. I will photograph it tomorrow. The new fixture was about $150 dollars, but it is a completely different room because of it. I think when people walk in your house they won't notice the contractor grade finishes and fixtures, but if you have exchanged those items for pieces that you love, they WILL notice that the room feels warm and curated. It's like getting a great new haircut or even a little botox... ;)

Here are a few small details that I think could transform a space. Happy decorating!

Taye trays from Lulu and Georgia
Love these neutral pillows!
Slade lamp
A gorgeous doormat!

Friday, October 11, 2013

wish list

My family gets most Christmas shopping done early, but if anyone else out there is wondering what I would love this year, here are a few great gift ideas - for me or for anyone else on your list! In fact, I am getting some of these for a stylish pal of mine...happy shopping!

West Elm lacquer flatware box

Ballard Design mirror

Urban Outfitters hexagon towel ring

Zara Home black leather slippers

Zara Home mohair throw in my favorite shade of purple
Henry Clarke photograph from
Tom Scheerer Decorates on Amazon