Wednesday, October 30, 2013

art to try

You guys know I like to create the art in my design projects. Here are some of the works I have done:

yellow inkblots - just paper and india ink
Geometric painting - easy with painter's tape!
I did these Natasha Law inspired paintings on paper - hers are on aluminum
I did this by scraping the paint on with a plastic spoon
Next I need to do something for my bedroom. Here are a few paintings that are inspiring me - this one in the J Crew offices is so simple. I think instead of "Mirror" mine would say "Wake Up" since it would be the first thing I would see in the morning!

Or how about this colorful one from Kelly Wearstler's office? I think something similar could be created with crepe paper strips and decoupage glue.

I have always loved these black paintings with white dripped over. Seems like it would be pretty simple (and fun!) to recreate...

JoAnn's Crafts is having a 50% off sale on canvases right now - so get inspired and go create some art!

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The Gimlet Eye said...

The ink blots are totally fab!