Friday, October 25, 2013

which do you like?

Just like everyone, I tend to overthink the large purchases. So forgive this tenth or so post on my bed, please! My mentor Marjorie Shushan has a furniture line that she created that includes a gorgeous bed. It is my dream:

This picture absolutely does not do it justice - in person it is stunning and cozy and probably close to $20k. I definitely want to recreate this bed, and I have found the narrow stripe I want to use one day - Kiera Stripe by Lee Jofa:

And here is a very similar frame:

But this bed feels permanent to me, like it will be my bed for many years. Before I do my forever bed, I would like to do a bolder statement bed, that really pops in a photograph and is special and custom for the cottage. I can always reupholster the frame in a few years.

So for the bold bed - which do you prefer? La Fiorentina has been my favorite fabric since this pic on the cover of Domino:

I have used it in many colorways in different projects, but never the pink. I could put it on this bed:

But the cottage is all neutral colors and I am seriously obsessed with the falling cubes pattern in this tile:

Wouldn't a bold graphic like that look awesome on a simple bed like this:

So you see the conundrum I am in - no matter what I do I am looking at a couple grand - so it better be awesome! Which do you prefer?

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