Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roughing it

If I were a millionaire I would spend as much of my time as possible away from crowded cities just being with my family. We love to go to cabins or spas for holidays, and just play board games and eat great food and swing on a porch swing and talk. However, the style of these places is always so country hokey. If I had a place in the wilderness, it would be super modern and gorgeous, like one of these dreamy places....where would you disappear to?


erika @ small shop said...

Will you invite me? I play a mean game of Scrabble.

#2 and #4: if we ever get to build out own house, it will most likely look like this!

Anonymous said...

Wow how different are these gettaways - as long as I got the time away I wouldn't be pickey xx

Elizabeth said...

Erika you are always invited if I am invited to live in your guest room when you build your house!

erika @ small shop said...

Heh heh, yes!