Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where should I go?

So running a small business alone has a lot of downfalls, including the fact that I never get to travel because I am the only one here and I have to be open! I only close once a year, during Mardi Gras, because the streets are impassable and the city is basically one big party. So I have a six day window in February to travel and I am already planning my next escape. Where should I go?

I have many blogging pals to drop in on in Australia, it will be summer in February, I have never been there and I love the design going on in Australia right now. However, the flight alone will eat up two days of travel time and I don't have a close friend in the area to go and do things with.

Buenos Aires

I have always wanted to visit Buenos Aires, I love the architecture and interior design aesthetic, I think the shopping will be well priced, I speak the language, and the nightlife will be spectacular. However, it could be slightly dangerous for a girl alone and I don't know anyone locally.

Florence, Italy
I have already been to Florence and it is one of my fave cities in the world (along with Bangkok). I am loving the modern design mixed with old world architecture, and could happily spend four days just sitting in a cafe and walking the streets. I would love to shop and visit museums and could probably have a hot romance if I wanted, since I love Italian men and Italian men love me. hahaha Only downside is the travel time and once again, I don't know anyone locally and have already been there.

I have longed to visit Istanbul for a very long time. One of my all time fave design firms (Autoban) is located there, and Antony Todd opened a store there last year. It has amazing sights (like the Hagia Sofia) and shopping. I also have a friend who is a local and could show me around and possibly I could stay for free. Only downside here is the travel time and cost of flight is pretty expensive...

I just saw Midnight in Paris (great movie!) and it reminded me of how much I love this city. I have already been there, and don't really want to revisit places I have already been until I go to the others, but I am greatly influenced by Parisian designers and there are many I would love to visit in person. Also, Paris is a great city to see alone (or with a lover) so I could wander the flea markets for hours. However, I don't have a local friend and I have already been.

Mexico City
Mexico City is probably my vote. It is the closest, so the flying won't eat into my travel time too much. I lived in Mexico for years so I am very comfortable there, and am fluent in Spanish. I love the big city and all the museums and shops and restaurants. There are some really awesome modern hotels that are very inexpensive, and I have a friend locally who could travel with me! Can't really think of a downside to this one, except it is not as exotic or exciting as the others.

So what do you think? Where should my next trip be? Since I didn't get my condo I have some money to burn and I love to travel by myself and be adventurous. Help me decide!


Anonymous said...

Do you know that Florence is my favorite city in the world baby cakes?! Paris is a close second and then I have to give it up to SF. Also, Brazil is so in the cards for our next trip, but I agree that you shouldn't go it alone. My vote is against Australia as the travel time is so not worth it. Mexico City it is!!

Blue Fruit said...

So many wonderful places, but I reckon the most value, stimulation-wise, is to choose a place that is as culturally different as your own as possible. Which also means somewhere new, so you have a sense of discovery.

So that rules out Mexico City, Paris and Rome, as you have been there before.