Friday, November 2, 2012

jealous, much?

This totally amazeballs dining room was designed by the lovely and talented Valorie Hart here in New Orleans.

The vintage Milo Baughman chairs are covered in Kelly Wearstler Sora velvet, which retails for $400 bucks a yard, my friends. The tree stump/zinc table is by Groundworks, the peeps who made Ashley Stark's dining table that everyone is obsessed with. Yes, they sell for over five grand. Booyah!

A couple weeks ago my email/bloggy pal Jessie went to an estate sale and it was the home of these rich freaks! They sold her those chairs for less than the fabric is worth. The table was for sale for $1300! Jessie did not invite me or call me immediately and tell me to get my ass down there. She scored the chairs and the table is gone. I am inconsolable and so jealous I could spit.

So now I am going to copy Valorie (and Jess - ugh) by covering these vintage chrome Baughman chairs in the same fabric. I may use a different colorway. That will teach her a lesson! ( it won't at all).

I am so jealous of my pal Jess but excited about a new project. For future reference, if you are going to an amazing auction/estate sale/consignment store/flea market/concert/house party you should invite me or I will trash talk you on my blog... ;) have a great weekend friends!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I love everything about that room. The light fixture and the art are my favorites. What a score on that table!!!!!


The Now Style Book

LWP said...

Jessie that B!!! I think recovering those chrome chairs is pretty genius though.

Anonymous said...

Oooo those chairs! It's all so good! Yup, the quickest way to make me jealous is to thrift/flea without me!


Anonymous said...

Omg, lmao!!!!!! I am still waiting for news on the table!! --Jessie

Anonymous said...

Omg, lmao!!!!!! I am still waiting for news on the table!! --Jessie

Decora Adora said...

I love everything about that room. I love your blog. You have a new follower from chile

Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

I have the same rules. Don't talk the talk if you didn't invite me to the walk!

Erika [small shop] said...

Ha ha ha! Awesome. You said my two favorite names...Wearstler and Baughman. Wow, what a combo that will be! Soooo excited!

Valorie Hart - The Visual Vamp said...

lmao - Who was the fabulous designer of this fabulous room? xo xo