Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making plans, taking chances

It is so hard to believe that I am about to turn 35 in a month and a half. I feel so young still and there are so many things that I want to do! I know that most of you who read this are younger than I am, so know that you can change careers at any age. If you have dreams and goals, you can keep doing new things and going back to school for the rest of your life if you want. If you are older than me, tell me what your dreams and goals are. Is there something that you still haven't had a chance to accomplish?
I will tell you a secret - I am taking the LSAT October 1st. That means that I will start law school next fall at 36 and not graduate until I am 39. Looking for a job and taking the bar exam at 40 will be tough, but I am so excited to be more skilled and to have new adventures! Here is what I envision the whole thing to look like (below). I don't know why I included the naked pic; there will probably not be nudity in law school. But you never know.


Boo Hazard said...

Oh wow! That's exciting!! I know what you mean about career changes - i never worked a day with my 1st degree in advertising (i was too busy getting addicted to the cash of bartending!) but wasn't fulfilled and went back to school for interior design.

I think it's great to go back when you're a little older, I found I was a MUCH better student and so into learning everything. Good luck and let me know how it goes! PS I love all these pics ! - BOO

Lonely Wife Project said...

What exciting news bestie! I'm truly happy for you. So here's my secret dream...I want to write a novel. I've started at least a dozen since I was 9 (no joke, I still have all my drafts from my youngin' years). The Husband encourages me to just do it already, but I always find some excuse. Current excuse...too busy blogging and working a full time job ;) Anyways, you've encourage me dudes so thank you! And happy early birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Boo - I didn't know you have a degree in Advertising! I have a bachelor's and master's in Spanish - and never use them - I only have a two year degree in Interior Design. I hope to use my Spanish in my law career.And I agree - school is super easy for me now that I am adult who doesn't care about partying!
And Sabz - my mom and I both have always wanted to write the Great American Novel! My mom even had her outline and first chapters done and lost her hard drive, so she gave up. You have to just sit down and do something every night! I know you could write a great one.

erika @ small shop said...

E! I'm so happy for you! I changed careers as you know. And my dad changed careers from being a Psychologist to working in the wine industry in Napa Valley when he was in his 50's, so go for it!

Since I am older than you (smile), I have to say working for myself has been fulfilling and getting my designs on TV and in magazines has been thrilling. But I'd really love to find a nice piece of land and design a house with my hubbie. It's far-fetched but maybe someday!

Sabra -- I'm so not surprised, you write so well! I hope you do it!

Elizabeth said...

Girl, I love the pics, but the first 2 years of law school will resemble the 2nd pic more so than those sexy and highly fashioned ones. ;) it's okay though because it all works out in the end. And then you can join me in the fabulous practice of law! There is one caveat though--you must move to Cali!

Can't wait to see you and celebrate your birthday with you. Get ready for me, moms and the baby!!!
Love you!

Rachael @ Roco Rennie said...

I think it is really important to follow dreams what ever your age. My mum headed back to nursing in her 40's! Good luck xx

Amanda Hill said...

Yes you can! I love hearing stories of women taking control of their dreams. You can do anything and it's so inspiring to hear your story! Good thing will come xoxo.

Elizabeth said...

E - I can't wait for you to get here! It is 95% that I will be moving to Cali for law school as I don't want to pay for private school here. Get ready for me next summer!

Erika - everything you touch turns to gold - you and your gorgeous architect hubz would make an awesome house, too. Please include a guest room for moi!