Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beni Ourain DIY

One of my friends (so wise!) told me to delete yesterday's Editor's Letter and not give negative and sensitive people so much importance. But you are all important to me and I didn't want anyone to have the wrong idea about me and these silly posts. I love creativity and that's what I am here to celebrate.

Danika (Gorgeous Shiny Things) is super creative. She has just about the best DIY projects on the web. After you get lost in her blog for ten hours go get your supplies and make the starburst mirror and this Beni Ourain rug. If I were going to change anything, I would say to make the stripes not as clean and bold (maybe water down the dye further or use chocolate brown). Awesome weekend project!

And if you haven't signed up for the giveaway yet you still have one week! Top left of page...


Danika said...

Thanks chicky! I agree, wish they made a RIT brown and wish I experimented on the small low pile rug I have first. Live and learn.
Oh, and ignore haters. I got rid of the anon comment option after I had someone leave obnoxiousness. They hadn't read my full post to start with, and then they started spouting and got me all hot and bothered... I decided my blog is my happy place and if someone has crap to say, they have to have balls to match and leave a name .

erika @ small shop said...

I think this is all so good in the evolution of blog writing. We as females tend to want to always be supportive of each other, but that doesn't mean we have to sugar coat everything. You and I often disagree but it's certainly not a personal attack, just different tastes and viewpoints. But I love that, I WANT to hear it! I so value your opinion!

This is such a cool DIY idea -- that Danika is one very creative gal!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I died when I saw Danika's DIY. Her creativity blows my mind! And Erika is exactly right. I'm all about hearing other people's opinions and views and blogland is the perfect place for it. I like you better when you tell it like it is ;)