Friday, July 22, 2011

running through my head

My head is always a jumbled mess. There is a constant soundtrack playing in the rear - this week it is that "If I die young, bury me in satin" song (I have no idea who sings it). And on the right side is the ever-present demand for icing. "Where can we find cupcakes? If no cupcakes are available, I am sure this gas station has Little Debbies!" Oh, brain, I need you to turn off. Here's the rest of my thought process:

Must get this book now.
Would do very dirty things for this ring. Don't ask. You can't handle it.
Shaun Smith Home has a reindeer pelt. Cruel and unusual. I want it.

My friend is selling several great Oly pieces! Who needs them?

Necklace at reminded me of this great mirror.

Could go over credenza or sofa....

Waste so much time watching Damages - all Augousti accessories in her office are in my store!

Missoni capsule line in Target Sep. 13th. I will be camped out the night before ;)

Also can't believe there are so few peeps signed up for the sculpture giveaway! (Top left of page) Maybe it is not your style? Oh, well - winner announced next Saturday! Happy weekend...


erika @ small shop said...

Now your mess has jumbled in with my mess. Thanks.

Awesome post! I'm with you on it all, altho I haven't seen Damages yet. And Oly stuff you say??

Elizabeth said...

You have got to watch Damages. You can get a free trial on netflix and watch the first two seasons. It is so scary crazy good. She has Augousti lamps, mirrors, trays, picture frames, etc.. all over her office.
My friend is selling the queen bed I pictured in white with raffia headboard and the elisabeth buffet to match - half off retail...

Lonely Wife Project said...

Dudes Missoni coming to Target!!! How do I miss these things? Also, don't think I'm crazy, but what's damages?

Elizabeth said...

Sabz - it is a legal drama with movie stars. Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, William Hurt, Ted Danson, Lily Tomlin - and tons more! Glen Close is like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada but a million times more deadly and I am addicted! It used to be on FX and is now on DirecTV, so I watch past seasons on Netflix. Get on it!

Lonely Wife Project said...

On it!

Lily said...

Love the mirror and I am SOOOO excited for Missoni coming to target !!


Heather (love your space) said...

my brain totally works this way, too. AND I watched Damages season 1 and 2 on instant netflix this winter, and messed up some sewing projects that I tried to accomplish while watching because it was so good, it can't be multi-tasked.

Thanks for the peek inside your brain!