Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still thinking bout bookcases, beeyotches

The more I think about that bamboo armoire the more I think that I was just excited by a great deal and what could be a beautiful piece. But it is more Hollywood Regency, which works with several jobs I am working on, but not my own personal apartment. My apartment style (this year) is ORGLAMIC. I have lots of 70's glam pieces (mirrored credenza, brass lamp, lucite desk, lacquered bedsides) and lots of organic, natural pieces (Moroccan rug, sunken cypress coffee table, beach photograph). So what will probably work best for me is something like this:

$14k on the dibzies (1st Dibs)

I also live in a tiny apartment and can't spend thousands on something I will probably hate and sell next year - let's be honest about the turnover in my house - so here are the options. Help a sista out.

Slim chrome and glass - nice but plain

Ebay find and most likely winner if I can get the price down

This is nice but too masculine, and coffee table already in that wood color

Hayworth - too young for me, but Home Decorators does a knockoff you should see

Slim from Room and Board - comes in many colors

West Elm - Been there done that
My bestie Erika's (jealous!)
Oh, well. I could still use the bamboo cabinet in the bedroom. Painted white with antique mirror it would give the feeling of this bedroom, which I love - what do you think?



BOO said...

I love all your options but I am very partial to that Ebay guy - I have almost the SAME exact one from a thrift store in NYC - click this link to my blog and look at the last picture - u can see it in the background. Mine has some finials and a little brass too though.

Oh and thanks for bringing me back to reality on my knight! I still want him though!! haaha - BOO

Elizabeth said...

Oh yeah! That looks just like the ebay one! Great score...I'm telling you, avoid the knight at all costs... hahahah

Lily said...

Love the ebay one !! I want it ! Ha...Im looking for a bookcase as well :)


F. said...

I love the bookcase from Ebay.

erika @ small shop said...

You know my pick...eBay one! It has a ton of personality that makes it a statement piece, and (I think) you won't tire of it as easily!

I feel ya, I am constantly changing up my decor. But how happy am I that you are doing so, because I can't wait to see it!

Lonely Wife Project said...

Definitely the ebay one! Unless you can somehow steal Erika's from her ;) Also, I love the word orglamic and will start using it obnoxiously. Thanks.

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

i have much love for erika's shelving unit, so i'm definitely voting for the ebay find. sooo much character! i actually spotted something similar at my local goodwill a couple of weeks ago, but they said it wasn't for sale. i thought everything had a price?! ox

Elizabeth said...

You should totally get it! I can't get a bookshelf for a while, as I already have a list a mile long of the things I want to get next! hahaha

Vasu said...

Nice finds, Beautiful pictures, but i especially love the first one, the colour and the style are very unique