Tuesday, July 26, 2011

projects and kids grow up

This past weekend I worked with three separate clients. The theme was the same for everyone. We all have high end taste and tighter budgets since the economy crashed. I am of the opinion that if you cannot afford the thing you want, you don't get anything until you can afford that piece. However, I am a single girl in a tiny apartment. This philosophy works for me. It does not work for families. They have to have liveable spaces NOW. So what works for these clients is getting a lower end piece that fills the space, and that can work for another spot later.

For example, the marbleized art that my client scooped up in yesterday's post. There is a 8k painting that she would much rather have in that space. But right now who can spend that on a piece of art? So we do the fun contemporary swirly pieces now, and when she can upgrade, these marble pieces will go to her daughter's teen bedroom and then can be taken on to a first apartment!

My California Bungalow project (started three years ago) looked like this at the time...

It was fun and playful for a young family with modern sensibilities - lots of poppy primary colors and bold stripes. Now we are changing out each less expensive item with a nicer piece as we can. The kid is a little older and we fully expect this process to take a few years, but the end result will be a more adult home with forever pieces to be proud of. We just installed this cerused oak chest this weekend and we love it! We have been admiring it for about 2 years.  And the octagon mirror from Pier One that I posted on is over the fireplace now, and we recovered these french chairs in a great graphic print. We have repainted the red canvases in the dining room black, and are looking for a chandelier and credenza for that room.
The important thing is not to rush. Yes, it is fun to have a space completely filled and finished quickly, but half the joy of decorating is shopping and researching until you have that perfect thing. Take your time and if you must get something to fill a space, make sure you can sell it or reuse it elsewhere later.
Kids and projects - they grow up so fast!


Erika [ small shop ] said...

Love this analogy! So true, my taste has definitely grown up a lot since just a few years ago.

The pics of the new look are so so pretty. Love your style!

Lily said...

Love this !! I ALWAYS want the things that I cant afford...I do save for some that are within a reasonable reach and other times I settle for less expensive options...just depends on the item ! The chairs look great.


Heather (love your space) said...

Love this post. I think we all get a little impatient...posting tomorrow about having to rearrange my girls' room and all the fallout from what was, essentially, my impatience. I think it's such a luxury to take your time when working with a designer, and love that you have these long-standing relationships with clients!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I have a sinking sensation that I will always be finicky and change my mind when it comes to my taste/style. I can't fathom having a forever piece, which is why I don't spend a lot of money on the pieces I buy. Also, you're really smart!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks girls. Sabz, I change my entire style every year and never wanted obligation to stay somewhere - which is why I am a renter. I never spend too much on stuff - I am the Ebay queen. But now I find that I want some really beautiful things that will go with any style, like my murano striped glass lamps, the Moroccan rug, and a stingray chest. I think I might have some forever pieces!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I love seeing your projects! The chest and the chair are gorgeous.