Thursday, July 14, 2011

Take another little piece of my heart

Ok, guys - I have not given you anything but my love in a long time. I know, my love is pretty great, but we all like STUFF. So here is the next giveaway. I decided that the horse sculpture I got for my desk was not right for this next Orglamic vision I have. Instead of returning it, I want to offer it to one of my friends. All you have to do is make sure you are following here, liking in Facebook, and leave me a comment telling me where you would put this beauty! It is heavy, textured plaster - makes me happy like a little girl who loves ponies! :)
Winner announced Saturday, July 23rd!


Lonely Wife Project said...

I like you I love you I will happily clear a space for this beauty!

Anonymous said...

Right in my tv room On my bookshelf ( when it's all done!). How cool! I'm following!

Amanda Hill said...

The horse is the perfect thing for that table :) said...

I do love the horse, just beautiful and not just the Bust/Head that is commonly seen in blog world, btw, I agree with todays post about the check, check, check!
I am moving into a new place in the next few weeks and so am trying to make it not so cookie cutter.


Andrea Johnson said...

Love the horse! I would put it in my living room that I am in the process of redecorating. I am following and liking! Andrea

Elizabeth said...

I will put it on the corner table in the living room. Want me to? ok. :)