Wednesday, August 10, 2011

otomi moment

When I lived in Mexico, the indigenous Otomi indian women would walk around from door to door selling their hand-stitched fabrics out of baskets they carried on their heads.

No one wanted them then and you could buy them for a steal. Now they have become all the rage and the last time I was in Mexico they were being sold in fancy boutiques for many hundreds of dollars. You can also get them online at Jacaranda Home.  I love the way people use the colorful ones for kids rooms, bedspreads, headboards, etc.. But I have never seen anyone use a white stitching on natural background for upholstery (the white on natural is also rare). I think it would be so sophisticated and a great way to respect the heritage while making it glamorous and sexy. Can you think of a new way to use Otomi fabric?


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Love the idea of a neutral one!! I bet it would be quite chic.

Lonely Wife Project said...

That's how I feel about kilim rugs. They were never cheap, but far cheaper than they are now that I love them. Just my luck.

Erika [small shop] said...

I love the multi-color version for a kids' bedroom - the bedspread photo and those lamp shades are so fun.

Neutral would be gorgeous!

Emily said...

I've had that red headboard on my inspiration board for awhile now. Love that print and fun to hear more about where it came from. Thanks for finding me on Erika's Small Shop guest post page. I Love your blog and also just realized I have your Living Room tagged on Pinterest. LOVE!