Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Collecting: John Geci Glass

My mama was in town this past weekend visiting with me to celebrate both our upcoming birthdays. I am the 20th, and she is the 22nd. This weekend also happened to be White Linen Night, the huge street party/art gallery walk on Julia Street here in New Orleans. We went to see the Mississippi Mud show (Mississippi potters and ceramists) at the Ogden Museum and while we were there this amazing glass caught my eye.
I have been collecting Murano glass for years, but I had no idea someone in the US was doing similar work in bowls and vases. John Geci is out of North Carolina and is my new favorite artist. The curves and patterns in the glass are mesmerizing! My mama bought me a bowl for my bday. Thanks, mom!
Do you collect anything?


Amanda Hill said...

Thanks for the intro! His work is awesome!

Lonely Wife Project said...

Mesmerizing! I'm not a collector...unless you count animals ;)

Elizabeth said...

Yeah I collect lots of things: dog hair on the floor, complaints from my husband, toys the baby has strewn all over the house and the constant "I need"'s from the teenager. I wish instead I was collecting beautiful things like this glass! Please find me something beautiful I can collect.
The BFF who is ready to celebrate your bday with you!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey silly - you have been collecting people who love you all your life! hahaha cheesy enough for you?
Can't wait for next weekend!