Tuesday, August 16, 2011

are you ready for some football (snacks)?!

Oh, don't get me wrong, I love the Saints. There is nothing on Earth more exciting than watching your team (who has played under a black cloud known as the Saints Curse forever) finally win the Superbowl. How cute was Drew Brees with his baby boy?
But I am a morbidly obese woman trapped in a normal sized body, and I love snacks more than football. Let me introduce you to your new best friends, Kevin and Amanda. If you want to make everybody happy on game day, you will get your butt over to their website, click on recipes, and start making any of these. Just drool for a second over the following pictures.
So hungry right now...

Mini Cheeseburger Flatbreads

Crispy Cheesy Southwestern Wantons

Mini Lasagna Cups
Orgasm on a Plate (just kidding, it is officially called Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar or something)
Recipe for this baby HERE.


Lily said...

Yum !! I love snacks and sweets way more than any sport! Ha


Lonely Wife Project said...

I could actually kill you right now. I was trying to convince myself my snap peas were appetizing.

Elizabeth said...

Sabby - everything you make is wonderfully delicious and beautiful looking! But this is for us junkies who really like to get nasty with cheese, sugar, flour, and oil. Just on gameday. Promise.

Erika [small shop] said...

Ha! The last one would definitely be an O on a P for me. ;o)

We have no NFL team here so I get to cheer for UCLA, despite the fact that they have sucked for the past 10 years (p.s. they went to the Rose Bowl when I was there).

Can't believe it's football season already!

anmatherne said...

You were my best eating buddy! These dishes look amazing! I'm going check them out now!

hutthutt said...

Could not open link for Oreo dessert???

Elizabeth said...

fixed it!