Friday, May 17, 2013

logo love

Hi, gang - I know I rarely post anymore - what is wrong with me??? Well, I am a busy bee! I am trying to only post about current projects that I have made progress on, instead of constantly adding to the design blogworld with yet another post on a magazine article, etc... This past week I have been designing a long distance client's living room - hopefully we are close to final decisions and shopping time! I also got a huge peacock mirror for my bestie, but can't photograph it until the seller makes a repair. Stay tuned!

I also finalized my logo:

And made tons of changes to my website - please go check it out - I am especially proud of the wallpaper hallway pics I got with my client's gorgeous girls running down it:

I truly love children in photographs of interiors - they bring so much joy to them. But I am very careful not to show their faces in my own publicity material. I took lots of portraits showing their faces for their mom to have.

I have lots of things in the works, so I hope to have more pics for you soon!


Anonymous said...

The webstie looks amazing! So excited for you! It seems as though you're really taking those resolutions you made at the new year to heart and making it happen! Good for you! Completely inspiring!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, K! You are the best! I miss the Zoo!!
xoxo E

Melissa Crochet said...

Love the direction your website is going! You are going to take NOLA by storm.