Wednesday, February 27, 2013

before and after

Oh, how I love a good before and miracle lacquer guy (who just finished my dining table!) came to the rescue again on this coffee table. My client has so many awesome vintage things from her mother, but this table was not in the best shape. The lines and bronze plates on it were really special, though, so I convinced her that a pale blue gray lacquer was the way to go!

So excited about how it came out! Of course there will be clear glass inserts set down in the top. I am almost ready to photograph this part of the project and I can't wait for you to see - I am obsessed with the bright colors and the vintage chinoiserie style!


Heather Peterson said...

LOVE! The lines ARE gorgeous. I love your non-traditional color pick here.


Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhh...ahhhhh!! It looks amazing!! It's amazing what some paint can do. I have a desk that I'd really like to get painted but just constantly put it off. You have inspired me to get it together!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love it.