Thursday, April 11, 2013

reup reup reup

You know I can't live with anything the way it is for very long....I have really loved having a printed fabric on my Eames lounge chair and ottoman:

But now I have a jute rug and a fixation with all things solid and neutral. I think I am inspired by this pic to put a metallic silver linen on it. What do you guys think? Either that or a white nubby sunbrella - like towel material...


Tracy said...

I am tempted to recover mine as well. I like the idea of a metallic. It goes with everything and is never boring.

Heather Peterson said...

YES! Metallic linen is one of my favorite things. Have you seen the ones from Grey Line?

Do it.


Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

Love that idea!

Elizabeth said...

I do have all those samples, Heather, but I find them too shiny and thin. There is an awesome one from Kravet I could use. To tell the truth, now I am off on another thought - a page greige leather...hahaha

Rebecca June said...

I like the pale griege leather but really I think a silver linen would be amazing. There is also one for Schumacher or one by Ralph Lauren that I now have visions of dancing in my head.


Rebecca June

PREM SINGH said...

Amazing post. love all of these.
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