Tuesday, April 16, 2013

need help...

Sorry to be so MIA but I am trying to get my reup projects squared away. I decided to redo the Eames lounge in a pale greige leather that is almost the same color as the sofa I redid from Ebay, and I repainted the purple dining table white. I got the chunky jute I was discussing with you all, and so everything is shaping up to have a very modern Italian greige and white vibe. I love this because I am in a small space, and I think the monochromatic scheme makes it look larger and more expensive. Now to the dining chairs. These puppies (Milo Baughman style chrome also scored on Ebay):

were going to be either slipcovered in white sunbrella or simply reupholstered in pale greige linen or white. I was inspired by these spaces, obviously:

I could also use the metallic linen that I did not use on the Eames lounge, but I don't want to be glam - I am really over my 70's glam phase and moving on to simple and spare. But I can't get these pics with their pop of yellow out of my head!

Of course these are large, open spaces and I will never have that. I also always regret when I do something colorful (i.e. the purple table that lasted one day), and I think maybe I should leave the color fun to my design work and keep my own space clean and white. What do you all think?

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Boo Hazard said...

I'm with you on the color! I love it for clients but my house is ALL white, camel, black and gold. After looking at so much designy stuff at work i love to come home to neutrals. -boo