Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You are mine

You are my favorite thing in these photos. You make SJP look delish even when she is haggard and beaten down. You have been in my fantasies for years. You mocked me from many an Ebay auction as you have countless admirers who run your price up. You cannot escape me any longer. You arrived at 2pm today and you are better than I ever thought you would be. You are mine, and even though I have failed to commit to any other piece of furniture or accessory ever, with you I will say "forever".
Happy Valentine's month, Hermes Avalon blanket. I love you.

*I won the charcoal gray color, for those of you who are interested... :)

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Erica said...

ok first... I posted the nursery you did on one of my blogs last week.
Glad I came across the source! Following so I can catch up more often.

second...I just got the blanket that takes it's place on my friend Tommy's sofa in the second last picture. Bought it with credit card points. Yay for spending! Congrats I can say with certainty you will love it forever- I'm still unsure if I should have gotten the gray one.

Looking forward to seeing more of what goes on here! :) Erica

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