Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Existential Design Crisis

As a designer I look at hundreds of pictures a week. All different design styles inspire me and I love all colors. When creating my own space I have been known to completely scrap everything I own and start from scratch every year, as I become enamored of another look. This past six months I have been collecting pieces from the 70's - a mirrored credenza, lucite desk, the white lacquer bedside chests from the previous post. I bought the cream Moroccan rug which is on its way to me now, and a stainless steel drum table that I love. Of course I mix in classics like the gray Hermes blanket for the bed and the burl wood armoire that I painted. I was planning on getting a white sofa and armchair and keeping everything nude, white, pale and glamorous.
Then these suzani pillows from Uzbekistan arrived in my showroom. I want to cover my entire apartment with them. They are huge, silk, with rich colors. I have already chosen two for myself and suddenly I am moving in a new direction. Exotic, intense, cozy, well-traveled. Love!


Danika Herrick said...

Haahaaha! Too funny. I call it Design Schizophrenia, but I like Existential Design Crisis better. I love having acccess to inspiring design all the time, but it makes me (and my husband) f-ing crazy. I need to own more than one house I think!

Anonymous said...

I'm bad enough as it is - I'd be in big trouble if I were you and had such lovelies to look at all day long!!