Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After a crazy weekend like this past one (congrats, cheeseheads!) I really crave simplicity. I have always been inspired by Sofia Coppola's style, and this pic of her Paris apartment is a constant in my inspiration file. I found the Elle Decor this month to be a real letdown, except for the space designed by Bunny Williams. Clean, simple, and fresh. I also really loved the J Crew catalog this month. The shots in and around Los Angeles just strengthened my love of casual California style. The most exciting thing for me this past weekend was that I bought a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug(like the rugs in the pics above)! I have always wanted one and I finally found a huge one for a great price. Simplicity isn't cheap!

*Pic via Moodboard Blog


Andrea Johnson said...

I love those rugs! Where did you find this good deal? I would love to know:)



Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Well, it is not cheap by any means, but Beni Ourain rugs over 5x7 are always around $4000 or more! I got a really large one (7'x12')from Maryam for half that - her blog is www.moroccanmaryam.typepad.com - she lives in Morocco and sells gorgeous rugs, wedding blankets, etc..

Andrea Johnson said...

Thanks Elizabeth!