Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painted Chests and Giveaway Winner

Remember this red closet that I wanted to imitate? (top) Well, I finally finished with the burl armoire I got on Ebay. I added the lucite handles and painted the inside with red lacquer. You can use high gloss paint (love Benjamin Moore) in an oil base and sand after each coat if you are doing it yourself. Or you can purchase actual lacquer through Fine Paints of Europe, but it dries very quickly and I don't recommend this for beginners. I am a little lazy, so I did not sand. I used "The Gripper" primer, which is an amazing primer that grips to any surface, even glass! Then I used Behr Premium Ultra high gloss paint in red. If you go to Home Depot, they already have this lacquer finish paint mixed in red, black, and white. It is available in quarts and gallons. It has a hard, glossy finish - I suggest four or five very thin coats. Anyway, I love it and now am trying to figure out if I should install hooks on the inside for necklaces, etc.. Right now I just have some purses and clutches in the top and I installed bamboo divider trays from The Container Store in the drawer for all my jewelry. It feels amazing to be organized!
The bedside chests I had done by a professional refinisher here in New Orleans. They used a true lacquer. I gave them the Benjamin Moore color I wanted and they did it for $250 each chest. I thought that was worth it to avoid the hassle and have it be perfect. They even cleaned up the brass bottom and handles. Gorg!
On to the First Giveaway Winner - chosen completely at random...... BEKI!!
Congrats, Beki - shoot me an email at elizabethneworleans@hotmail.com with your address and I will get these out as soon as I find a box big enough....
Thank you to the 26 people who participated. I don't know how some of these blogs have gotten to 8 thousand plus followers. I feel like you are all good friends and am just ecstatic to have 47 of you.
Talk soon!


Elizabeth said...

Ahhh the armoire and the chest are fab! And congrats Beki!

Rebecca June said...

I love it all, but that armoire is beyond...just beyond.


Rebecca June