Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ralph Pucci, I'm coming for you!

I am a big believer in energy. I think that if you really want something to happen and you talk about it and plan for it and visualize it, you can make it come true. Speaking to my aunt today and my best friend last night, both of whom are going through major career changes and chasing big dreams, made me want to post about my goals for the future. I AM going to make them happen. Here is my bucket list for the next decade:

1. I will work at (and hopefully manage) the Ralph Pucci showroom in the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood. Ralph took his family's mannequin business and turned it into one of the most respected furniture, lighting, art, and sculpture showrooms in the world. They still manufacture gorgeous and unique mannequins, but they also represent furniture and lighting designers like Andree Putman, Chris Lehrecke, Vicente Wolf, and Herve Van Der Straeten. They represent some of the world's finest artists, sculptors, and photographers, as well. I love every single thing that they sell, admire every ideal Mr. Pucci stands for, and am inspired by every aspect of his business. It is my ultimate dream to run one of his showrooms.

2. I will continue to travel and explore parts of the world I have not been to. In line for the next few years: Istanbul, Buenos Aires, and Morocco!

3. I will be as fluent in a third language (French or Italian) as I am in Spanish.

4. I will create original and well made art - continuing to paint and draw and take classes when I can.

5. I will have a client who will give me free reign with a great budget and will have it photographed for a major magazine.

6. I will have a true romantic partnership - no need for marriage - but a good relationship with the potential to last a lifetime. And maybe talk about raising a child (perhaps an older child adoption?)

7. I will spend as much time as possible getting to know my friends and family, and making sure they understand how much I love them and am so grateful for their love.

What are your goals for the next ten years? Tomorrow will be too late - write them down, talk and pray about them, put them into the universe and make them yours! I know you can do anything you dream of!


The Gimlet Eye said...

What a fantastic, awesome, inspiring, energy filled post. Could not have come at a better time for me! LOVE it....and I will pray for your list!

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

I will pray for yours, too, Jessie - when you tell me what they are! I am so glad we "met", and I can't wait to get to know you!

Guthrie Contemporary said...

Great list...great. And I love the room with the colorful chairs!

Lucinda said...

Loves me some Pucci too. Thanks for stopping by!