Friday, May 21, 2010

A Note on Greatness

Simon Cowell was on Oprah yesterday talking about his choices and his past failures. I never knew that he lost it all at the age of 30 and had to move back in with his parents and start over, and also pay back a half million dollar loan! It really made me rethink my idea of success and age. I sometimes feel that at 33 years old, I have not accomplished much, or should be further along in my career. The truth is that I only really knew what I wanted to do at age 30! So in actuality I have really accomplished many career goals in three years, and compared to many people my age I have had an astonishing number of experiences. However, I do not feel that there is a balance in my life as I do not have a family or children.

My sister has taken an opposite path than I have. She has been focused on family for over a decade and has a wonderful husband and two kids who are simply amazing. She also teaches in Birmingham, Alabama, and has recently won Teacher of the Year for the second time! She has many stresses and frustrations that I do not, and she manages to succeed both in her personal and professional life. How many of us will be compared to 3, 30, or 300 of our peers and be voted number one? I only hope to one day touch as many lives and be as appreciated and loved as she is.

I know that not many of us are in the entertainment industry like Simon, but we can certainly relate to my sister, who in my opinion is a harder worker than Mr. Cowell. Take what you have, even if it is nothing but your ideas and spirit, and become great. We are given such a short time to make an impact - surely we were not given this wonderful life to sit around eating pizza and watching t.v.! I know that if we give 100% to what we are passionate about, we can build a legacy and make a difference in this world.

Congratulations, Janie!


beki said...

Beautiful post!

Elizabeth said...

Rock On Janie! That is awesome. You, like Janie are both amazing women--you get it from your Momma. I should dedicate a whole post to your greatness, experience, knowledge, and friendship (although, I think I have done many of those posts about you already!). See you in a few days!

pam@pixelimpress said...

beautiful tribute to your sister, elizabeth. yes, 100% to your passions is great advice. i know that my life is nothing what i anticipated it would be when i was younger... but i'm ecstatic about what it has become.

NJ said...

I love what you wrote, Liz! Thank you for lifting up our Janie in your blog! She deserves it and much more!