Saturday, May 8, 2010

Goodbye, Takashimaya NY

I am so sad to say goodbye to Takashimaya NY, which will be closing its doors in June. This 5th Avenue landmark has been the go-to spot for stars like Halle Berry and tourists all over the world who want to experience the very best in luxury goods. It was also one of the best jobs I ever had! After the Hurricane in 2005, I moved to NYC for a year and had the extreme good fortune to work as an Associate Buyer for the store. With Andrew Mandell as my buyer, I bought and merchandised for the Home and Garden department, the Women's Fashion Department, and also for the Jewelry Department. I learned so much and credit Takashimaya for my aesthetic and design style, and for creating in me a passion for design.
Most people know about the Tea Box in the basement, but the beauty of Takashimaya was that it stood apart. We were never trying to make money (the store had 18 locations in Japan), but were really focused on being a luxury outpost for the brand. The stunning interiors were revamped a couple of years ago by S. Russell Groves and can be seen on his website. Andrew, Virginia, and everyone else at the store gave 200% for years and I wish them the best of luck on their new adventures!
New York is really going to have an empty spot on 5th Avenue, and when I visit I will certainly have an empty spot in my heart.

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Guthrie Contemporary said...

Oh no. I never got to go. Major bummer.