Monday, May 10, 2010

Fave Designer : Herve Van der Straeten

When I was living in Mexico I worked about ten different jobs. One of them was modeling jewelry for a beautiful jewelry store called Viva. The girls would parade into restaurants late at night with huge capes and sunhats on, line up after getting everyone's attention, and whip the capes off to reveal brightly colored sarongs, espadrilles, and the most gorgeous jewelry on the planet. Then we would walk through the tables in an impromptu fashion show, inviting the diners to Viva for their free gift. It was actually really fun and became a really well known jewelry store because of the unique advertising. The owner had the best eye for jewelry and my favorite pieces were by Herve Van der Straeten. I am lucky to own several pieces now and when I wear them I feel strong and sexy.
In the last few years back in the U.S. and working as a designer, I found I was drawn to the French Modern and Deco style of interiors, and Van der Straeten's pieces embody that aesthetic. This picture of Reese Witherspoon in his house from Vogue Nov. '08 stands out to me as one of the best color combinations of all time - and that console is to die for! She is also wearing Van der Straeten earrings and she has never looked better. There is nothing more dramatic than a curvy cantilevered console table made out of aluminum polished to a high shine, or a lamp with sharp thorns done in a high gloss red. Herve Van der Straeten uses only the finest craftsmen and materials in France and is represented in the U.S. by Ralph Pucci (more on him in a later post). I wish I could use one of his pieces in every space I ever design, like the guys at Oitoemponto do. And one day I will have a client who will let me do it!
What do you think of this look and who is your favorite designer of all time?


Elizabeth said...

His pieces are ah-mazing, and so cutting edge! I don't have a fave designer b/c I'm not that educated on the different ones to make that determination.

I know that I do love you as a designer and Kelly Werstler (sp?) and...who else?

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Elizabeth, you love Angie Hranowsky right now. And you love the colors and hotels of Kelley Wearstler, but I don't think you would like her residential spaces. Can't wait to see you!

John said...

i love love love Van der Straeten's furniture ... and to combine i choose Delightfull lamps...amazing combination!! so vintage...take a look ! you would love too.see you =)