Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Business of Being Creative

Most people who are not in creative businesses think that Interior Designers, artists, musicians, event planners, and other people pursuing creative careers have it made. From the outside it seems that we are simply enjoying fun, relaxing work that we we would do for free, while being paid for it.
I can't express how difficult it is to be in a creative field. You feel a drive, a need, to express yourself creatively. This thing you have chosen to do with your life is an all-consuming passion. You think about it 24 hours a day and work your hardest to be inventive, original, and to stand out from a crowd of other equally passionate professionals. You may spend years and thousands of dollars studying and perfecting your craft. And in the end, not many people respect all that you have accomplished. Clients question the value of your work - often refusing to pay for your time or ideas because it is not something tangible that they can hold in their hand. Or more commonly, they simply copy your work or try to find a way to do it themselves.
I discovered Sean Low, from The Business of Being Creative, through Vicente Wolf's blog. Reading Sean's blog every day is like having my own personal cheering section. He gives awesome advice, financial and organizational tools, and motivational words of encouragement when I need it most.
If you are in a creative field or want some creative ideas and inspiration for your business (no matter what you do for a living), I encourage everyone to bookmark The Business of Being Creative on their computer and read it first thing every day. You will be so glad you did!


NJ said...

Thanks for inspiring me, Liz!

sean said...

Thank you very much Elizabeth for you kind words. I am so happy that the blog is helping you as you go about the business of being creative. You are why I enjoy writing it as much as I do. Have a great weekend.


Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Thank YOU, Sean! I love your blog and read it every day - and I always think it was written just for me! hahah