Friday, May 7, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I was just laughing with Jessie of Gimlet Eyed about people's perceptions. Especially in this town, where antiques are the norm. This is the showroom I manage (actually, it's just me, so I am using the term "manager" loosely...). Every single day several people come in, make a remark about how it is waaaay too modern for them, and quickly leave. Too modern!? We have painted Gustavian chests and Spanish rush baskets, belgian linen furniture and rustic clay lamps. Granted, we ALSO have stingray furniture, mid century murano glass table lamps, and spare bronze tables influenced by the French Deco period.
When I think of modern, I think of lacquer, mirror, and other reflective surfaces; straight lines and minimalist pieces and strong colors or black and white. I guess it's all about individual perceptions. My greatest pleasure in design is mixing eras, textures, styles, and price points. I never like a space that is done 100% in one particular style. That looks like a museum or store to me. And I find it extremely boring!
What do you think? Do you find my showroom modern?

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