Monday, May 24, 2010

Deco Love

When I first started out in design I would make blanket statements like, "I hate things that are Art Deco." Three years later, deco-inspired things, especially French Deco, are my favorite pieces. The point is, don' t shut yourself off to a particular era, style, or price point - the second you do, you are closing yourself off to a world of inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite Art Deco (roughly 1920's - 1940's) pieces. You can see that even in a particular style period, different countries had their own variations. The Chinese Deco rug below would not be a good mix with the black and white Deco chandelier above. Take the time to get acquainted with a style that you think you don't like. I bet you can find something in every period or price point that you like. Even Victorian, which I hate! ;) Just kidding!

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ana' said...

I LOVE Victorian :)Hehe!!