Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Craze

Heather over at Habitually Chic posted this J Crew fall preview yesterday and I can't stop staring at the pics! We are not even in summer yet and I want to wear all of these...  The best thing about J Crew are the color pairings - you can create gorgeous rooms with all of these color combinations. And I already own the pink pants! Which one is your fave?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5th Deadly Sin - Sloth

 You could do a project this weekend. Yes, you could get off your lazy butt and do a project. Look at what these people have done. There are active, interesting people out there doing crazy beautiful things to their homes and what are you doing? Paint a striped rug on the floor, or take a picture of clouds or trees and blow it up for art, cover an entire wall in cork tiles, or stair risers in gorgeous ceramic tiles. Everyone who knows how lazy you are will be impressed. Trust.

P.S. Most of these projects are from Amber Interiors or Little Green Notebook. Check 'em out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slumber Party!!

Hey everybody - I'm guest blogging over at my bestie Sabs' blog today - so scoot on over to The Lonely Wife Project and check out my fave vacation spot. I have lots of recommendations from what to pack to things to avoid...
See you there!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Modern 15/5

I have said it before, and I will say it again- designers look at hundreds of images a week (sometimes a day), and after studying and traveling and moving a million times, there is not a style on earth that I haven't looked at and enjoyed. Many people like to pin a certain "style" on designers, but we can do any style, and your house should look like YOU, not like your designer's house. Don't pigeonhole us into what we may have photographed of our work, or what we have chosen for our own homes. Work with someone you enjoy, that you have a chemistry with, and an honest give and take. The design process should be fun, not too stressful, and while you shouldn't be bullied into anything you hate, the designer is there to push boundaries and elevate your style, so please compromise. If you hate a paint color, you can change it - it's just paint! Take a chance.
All that being said, my amazing client Jamie (romantic traditional) recommended me to her friend. I know these ladies are much less modern in their styles than I am personally, and their homes' architecture is gorgeous, with high ceilings and moldings. I love these types of homes, and while I have chosen to live in slick apartment buildings because that has worked for me, I am so excited to get the chance to do something a little more traditional, but with a fresh, young take. I am very inspired by this home Nathan Turner did for actress Amanda Peet. I am hoping that Mara's style will be "bohemian traditional" like this.
I guess I should change my blog title to Modern 15/5!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Spaces

I love these rooms! They are so totally different in every way, and they each make me very happy. Have a super duper weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Work it out

Considering that these are some of my fave office spaces, is it any wonder that I ended up with a lucite desk, chrome/white leather chair, mirrored vintage wastebasket, white modern lamp, orchids, black and white photos, and horn sculpture? Oh, and of course the peacock mirror that I love... Can't wait to show you my own desk area when it is finished, but for now, bathe in the glow of these gorg offices!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I have been doing with myself this week...

1. Inspired by this sofa from The Devil Wears Prada:

I have decided to put the Melinda fabric by Alan Campbell (through Quadrille) on this chair with chrome trim: 

2. Acquired this bag from Ann Taylor for all my crap and new Sony Vaio - it looks tailored and organized, even though I am not:
3. Buddy Kelly's hubs turned 40 - she gave him a surprise party at Cole Pratt Art Gallery - sweet! (and educational), and I had the most amazing convo with the crazy-talented artist Kaki Foley. More on her in a future post...

4. Have been obsessed with Sharon Montrose for years - used her baby animals in the Sweet and Sour Nursery project. Ordered the macaw and the burmese python prints this weekend - the teal and citron are my fave color combo right now! Bonus: convinced one of my besties to get the cow face and put it in blue zebra - wallpapered hallway. Yeah.

5. Spent HOURS looking at Amber's blog. She is an awesome interior designer and shares tons of diy projects with everyone - they are easy and genius! Had to prove to myself that I too, have mad rehab skills so I touched up my red lacquer armoire with Essie red fingernail polish. Not a good look. Check out this post, go to Ikea this weekend and make this bedside chest, people!

6. Daydreaming about my kickboxing instructor's abs with resolution to start exercising again this week!
****Disclaimer: This is not actually my kickboxing instructor (and is a little scary). It is, however, an accurate depiction of how shiny his abs always are.

Hope you are having an amazing week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor RIP

I always felt connected to Elizabeth Taylor. I had an obsession with old movies in high school, and loved her in Cleopatra, Butterfield 8, and National Velvet. But when I ran away to Puerto Vallarta at 19, I realized that she had lived there, too. She gave the town it's fame, when she accompanied Richard Burton to film The Night of the Iguana. They lived in PV for many years, in Casa Kimberley. I have toured the house, actually two houses on opposite sides of the street, with a pink bridge connecting them. What a great idea for spouses who were known for their passionate battles as well as passionate lovemaking. Every time I introduced myself as Elizabeth, an older local would say, "Elizabeth Taylor", for her name meant everything to the people there.
She was a great beauty and a great personality and will be missed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This or That

I have always loved both of these mirrors - the exotic peacock and the clean, modern octagon. Faced with a challenge yesterday when I discovered them both (with the same bargain price of $150)! Which to choose?
Please advise...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Designer I love: Sara Story

Looking through my inspiration files this weekend I noticed I had tons of  photos in my files that were all the same designer, and I had never even realized it! Sara Story is amazing - these are just a few examples of her work. Check out her website here...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giveaway Winner... Danika!

 True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 18



Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Uh... I don't know how to imbed the thing from - but the number it generated randomly was # 4. I promise, you can trust me.  :)
So, congrats to Danika - you are the big winner! And I notice from your comment that you are prepared physically and emotionally to do cartwheels. We are going to need a photo of that. And of the pillows in your house.
Please send me your address so I can get these happies out to you -
Taking the rest of the day off for Japan. Peace.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You never forget your first...

Since no one wants to hear about my true first love, a skinny manipulator of dubious sexuality (awkward), I will share my other first loves with you. I always knew I loved fashion, travel, writing, and shelter mags - but it took me until I was 29 years old to put all that together and discover Interior Design as a career and a passion. The men who excited me and took my inspiration file virginity were: Antony Todd, Shelton Mindel, S Russell Groves, and Pierre Yovanovitch. Not all at the same time; get your mind out of the gutter!  Estee Stanley's work for Claire Forlani is one of my all time faves,  so I guess I experimented with the ladies a little bit, too.. :)
The first cover of Domino with the pink sofa (David Hicks La Fiorentina fabric) was my first designgasm!

Who was the first designer to catch your eye? Do you still love him/her?

P.S. You still have one day to sign up for the great pillow giveaway, Charlie Brown!