Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moroccan Rug Resource

Several of you asked me about my Beni Ourain rug so here is the 411. You can find vintage Moroccan rugs on 1st Dibs and other sites for upwards of 6 or 7 thousand dollars for a large size. In photos they look like soft flokatis, but they are very thick loomed wool. William-Sonoma Home has a gorgeous rug that has a flatter pile that is more like a berber - but the large size is over $4000. I bought mine through Maryam and her hubby, Chris. They are so sweet. They live in Morocco and sent me my rug in less than two weeks!
Her blog is Moroccan Maryam. She has a link on there to see all the pics of the rugs, wedding blankets, poufs, etc.. She has many different sizes and you can simply email her for pricing on whichever you like. She answers immediately. Tell her Elizabeth Sullivan sent you!


erika @ small shop said...

Thank you thank you! Wish me luck. ;o)

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

You don't need luck - you are amazing! But if you insist... Fantastic luck!