Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You never forget your first...

Since no one wants to hear about my true first love, a skinny manipulator of dubious sexuality (awkward), I will share my other first loves with you. I always knew I loved fashion, travel, writing, and shelter mags - but it took me until I was 29 years old to put all that together and discover Interior Design as a career and a passion. The men who excited me and took my inspiration file virginity were: Antony Todd, Shelton Mindel, S Russell Groves, and Pierre Yovanovitch. Not all at the same time; get your mind out of the gutter!  Estee Stanley's work for Claire Forlani is one of my all time faves,  so I guess I experimented with the ladies a little bit, too.. :)
The first cover of Domino with the pink sofa (David Hicks La Fiorentina fabric) was my first designgasm!

Who was the first designer to catch your eye? Do you still love him/her?

P.S. You still have one day to sign up for the great pillow giveaway, Charlie Brown!


erika @ small shop said...

OMG - you crack me up! I LOVE this!

Hard to remember that far back -- geez who was even around 15 years ago? (Yes I am THAT old.)

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious!! Bravo for capitalizing on every pun :) I'm proud to call you my friend.

Elizabeth said...

Everyone has to have that cheesy friend who is always "on", constantly embarrassing themselves because they are truly socially retarded (I did not call anyone "retarded" here, PC peeps. I mean "backwards"). That's me!