Thursday, March 3, 2011

Outfit Auditions

So I am leaving at 5 am for Mexico and all of my clothing wanted to come with, so I held tryouts. Each outfit had to strut it's stuff on my new rug - accessories and all. It was a nerve racking audition process, but four or five of my faves made the cut.
Here is one that will be joining me in Puerto Vallarta for an all-expenses paid vacay. For the rest of what I pack, eat, do, shop for, and avoid in PV, stay tuned on my blogging bestie Sabra's blog - I will have a guest post there on my fave travel destination (Mexico, natch) at the end of the month when she goes to Fiji! Jealous, much?
See you next week!


2 by Design said...

Ummmm, that outfit is SO stinkin' cute! Love the dress, love the necklace, love it all. Can we talk about how jealous I am of your trip?? Even though I'd be rockin' a caftan over this pregnant belly, a girl can dream, right? Have a blast, and a marg for me. Sigh.

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Preggers! Congrats! I am jealous of you!!

erika @ small shop said...


Anonymous said...

I die for your clothes, accessories and home furnishings! Have the best time in Mexico bestie and take a million pictures. Can't wait until your guest post!

Jamie L. said...

I want your RUG!

Have a great trip! Gorgeous outfit.