Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5th Deadly Sin - Sloth

 You could do a project this weekend. Yes, you could get off your lazy butt and do a project. Look at what these people have done. There are active, interesting people out there doing crazy beautiful things to their homes and what are you doing? Paint a striped rug on the floor, or take a picture of clouds or trees and blow it up for art, cover an entire wall in cork tiles, or stair risers in gorgeous ceramic tiles. Everyone who knows how lazy you are will be impressed. Trust.

P.S. Most of these projects are from Amber Interiors or Little Green Notebook. Check 'em out.


erika @ small shop said...

I was going to tell you, "gee, thanks" but then I remembered I actually AM going to be productive this weekend and attempt to paint a 36x48 canvas! Wish me luck...

Tamra @walkswithBella said...

Found your lovely blog on Lonely Wife!! Following!!

Love your posts.

Best, Tamra